You could say the first act of the 2022 college football season ended with some odd week 4 surprises: Georgia looked deadly against Kent State, DJ Clemson Wiagaleley looked like the five-star playmaker he should have been all along against Wake Forest, and so on. . Now that almost everyone has passed the test at least once, and almost everyone has looked vulnerable at least once, you can begin the second act.

In week five, we’ll find out how seriously we need to take the states of North Carolina, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Washington, and UCLA. We’ll find out if this whole “Alabama Struggling on the Road” story really has a basis. We will see another wave of competitive (and vital) draws in the Big 12 and Pac-12. We’ll… watch Michigan-Iowa, I think.

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Here’s everything you need to do to get the most out of your weekend:

This is the NC State and Devin Leary moment (or at least it better be)

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NC State No. 10 at No. 5 Clemson (7:30 p.m., ABC/Sportzshala App)

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“Dream game. The biggest game I’ve ever played. The biggest game many of these players have ever played.” Here’s how NC State quarterback Devan Boykin described Saturday’s game against Clemson on It’s officially thin air for Dave Doeren’s wolf pack; because of all the high-level talent NC State sent to the pros—nine top 10 draft picks, three All-Pro quarterbacks (Roman Gabriel, Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson)—the program never finished a season in the AP. top 10. This is somehow the first top-10 vs. top-10 showdown in the program; this is Clemson’s eighth total in just the past three calendar years.

NC State started this season in 13th place, sharing their best pre-season rankings, and after nearly falling victim to a failed week 1 bid from East Carolina, the wolf pack beat cupcakes Charleston Southern and UConn to take down solid Texas Tech. team 27-14 in Raleigh. Doeren has been slowly approaching that point for some time now, with nine wins in 2017, 2018 and 2021, and while Clemson’s offense seems to be recovering from a terrible 2021, the Tigers’ defense seems just as vulnerable as it has been in recent years. years. It’s all set up for Devin Leary’s moment. Let’s see if he can use it.