Controversial Virginia-Duke finish sparks outrage; Jon Scheyer pleads for ‘explanation’

Duke believed he was on the cusp of a victory that was missing from his resume. Officials had a different opinion. It was determined that Virginia’s foul on Kyle Filipowski occurred after the timer went off. Instead of Filipovski heading towards the charity streak with less than a second left and only needing one free throw to break the 58–58 tie, Duke was forced to play five extra minutes. The No. 8 Virginia made Duke pay in overtime, breaking away late to score an important 69–62 victory.

Both Virginia coach Tony Bennett and Duke coach John Scheier stated after the game that they received no explanation as to why the foul was overturned.

“I really wish Flip had that opportunity at the end,” Shyer said in a post-match interview. “I would still like to explain what happened. I cannot give you clarity on this. Disappointing. I was told after the call was made after the buzzer. You can see that the ball left his hands before 0.0. I don’t know exactly what that rule is. I would like some clarification. But the call was made, so I don’t know how to remove it. I just would like clarity. I hate it for our guys.”

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Here are the main media reactions to the controversial end of regulation.


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