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Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘I feel betrayed’ by Manchester United Ranking the 2022 World Cup kits Could Tim Ream be the USMNT’s unlikely World Cup hero? World Cup 2022 schedule – groups, calendar, match schedule, brackets, dates USMNT squad confirmed for 2022 World Cup

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Cristiano Ronaldo finally spoke about his attempts to leave Manchester United and after several months of silence could not resist.

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Speaking with Piers MorganRonaldo lashed out at Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag, the club and his staff for not letting him leave this summer.

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Ronaldo, 37, has been out of United’s last two games before the World Cup since losing 3-1 to Aston Villa last weekend due to illness. I think we can now read between the lines and speculate that this could be related to this interview.

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Manchester United responded to the interview with the statement below.

Manchester United statement after Ronaldo’s explosive comments

Manchester United celebrate media coverage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview. The club will consider its answer after all the facts have been established.

“Our focus remains on preparing for the second half of the season and maintaining momentum, faith and unity between players, manager, staff and fans.”

In other words, they don’t like it.

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about the situation at Manchester United

“Not just the manager, but two or three other guys at the club,” Ronaldo said when asked if United were trying to force him out. “I felt betrayed.”

When asked if he feels that they are trying to get rid of him, Ronaldo replied as follows.

“Honestly, I shouldn’t say that. I dont know. I don’t care. People should always listen to the truth. Yes, I feel betrayed and I felt that some people didn’t want me to be here. [at Manchester United]. Not only this year, but also last year.

He went on to say the following about Erik ten Hag: “I don’t respect Erik ten Hag because he doesn’t show respect to me,” Ronaldo said. “If you don’t have respect for me, I will never have respect for you.”

Hen then went on to beat the club, stating that nothing had changed with the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. He also said he loves Manchester United and the fans, but said the club has a lot to change.

“Since Sir Alex Ferguson left, I have not seen any evolution at the club, there has been zero progress,” Ronaldo added.

Ronaldo criticizes Glazer and says club didn’t believe him about sick daughter

With snippets continuing to be published and the full interview yet to be released, Cristiano Ronaldo has also lashed out at United’s American owners, the Glazer family.

“The owners of the club – the Glazers – they don’t care about the club,” Ronaldo said. “I mean professional sports. Manchester United is a marketing club, they get their money from marketing… Sport, in my opinion, they don’t care.”

He also revealed that he thought United’s management didn’t believe him when he told them he couldn’t go on their pre-season tour due to his daughter being sick in the hospital.

“I spoke to the director and the president of Manchester United and they didn’t seem to believe that anything was going wrong and that made me feel bad,” Ronaldo said. “And it really hurt me, because they doubted my words that I was fighting, especially Bella and Geo. [Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo’s girlfriend]. We had one week in the hospital because Bella had a big problem and I didn’t go to preseason because of it. I didn’t want to leave my family for preseason because I didn’t think it was fair to leave my family for preseason. That’s why I didn’t go.”

What’s next?

After all this, it becomes clear that Cristiano Ronaldo will no longer play for Manchester United, although he has more than six months left on his current contract.

How can he?

After speaking out publicly against the manager and other club officials for the first time, he knows what he wants to do. United are doing just fine without him (he has three goals in 16 matches in all competitions this season) and he doesn’t fit into Erik ten Hag’s system at all, despite United having problems with injured strikers.

He also appears to have upset his teammates at United. Just look at the welcome he received from United’s Bruno Fernandez when they faced Portugal. Really frosty.

Ronaldo wants to leave United after the World Cup and the timing is perfect for this interview as he will now be away with Portugal for the next six weeks and he wants his future and departure to be decided by the time the January window opens .

After scoring just one Premier League goal for United this season, he was rarely used, refused to come on as a substitute against Tottenham and left the stadium early during pre-season, Ronaldo did not play ball or included in the plans of Erik ten Hag. He wanted to go outside all summer and is now trying to turn it into a club.

United wanted to keep him and convince him to stay, while none of the so-called “super clubs” seemed to come up with a serious offer to sign him. After this trick, you can see why.

Let’s see if that changes in January as Ronaldo has set his sights on a return to the UEFA Champions League and after forcing him to stay at United he will now most certainly be forced to get rid of him.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s second stint at the club where he made his name is bound to end in a very unpleasant way.

All World Cup kits have been released ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and there are some intriguing looks.

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From Mexico’s chic away kit to Germany looking to give their home kit a solid new look and Puma putting out a very specific and similar look for their national teams, just like they did for their club teams on their away kit. unpack here.

When the World Cup kicks off, which of these jerseys will you be proud to wear? And which one will you wear because it looks really cool?

Below is our ranking of the 2022 FIFA World Cup kits in Qatar.

2022 FIFA World Cup Kit Rating

1. Mexico

This is a great away kit that will become a classic. Expect these beauties to fly off the shelves and become neutral-loving jerseys as much as El Tri fans. The home kit is also very decent.

2. Portugal

Absolutely sensational work. The home kit is quite unique but still sticks to the bold colors of Portugal, while the away kit is also a classic.

3. Denmark

These kits are an absolute beauty from Hummel and the message they carry for the host country is heard loud and clear around the world.

4. Poland

Wow. It’s absolutely beautiful. The away jersey is great, while the home jersey is classic but…


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