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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United legacy hangs in the balance after inflammatory Piers Morgan interview

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In the second spell Manchester United, the legacy of Cristiano Ronaldo at the club hangs in the balance. Less than a year and a half after what should have been a heroic return to Old Trafford, it looks like Ronaldo may have no turning back after the first part of his interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV. There were parts of the interview. released on Sunday where Ronaldo stated that he did not respect Erik ten Hag, which had already caused Manchester United to release a statement before the interview aired.

The statement was succinct: “The Club will consider its response once all the facts have been established. Our focus remains on preparing for the second half of the season and maintaining momentum, faith and unity between players, manager and staff. , and fans.

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After listening to the interview, the team published another statement Manchester United took action this morning in response to Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent media interview. We will not comment further until this process is completed.”

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CBS Sports understands that Manchester United are looking into options to terminate his contract and are in talks with lawyers over legal action following a bad interview.

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Ronaldo touched on quite a few topics with Morgan, and while some of his criticism of the team may be accurate given the venue and timing, it’s hard to attribute anything to Ronaldo other than trying to leave the club. Despite his loyalty to Alex Ferguson, which brought him back to Manchester United, Ronaldo’s departure from the Red Devils will be as bad as it gets.

The Portuguese forward actually said he was close to joining Manchester. “I don’t regret my decision. Sir Alex Ferguson was the key to success. I talked to him. He told me you can’t go to Man City. Ronaldo opens up about why he didn’t move to Manchester City He went on to say that Ferguon knows the club is not on the right track. “Ferguson knows better than anyone that the club is not on the path they deserve. He knows. Everybody knows”.

Ronaldo returns to Old Trafford.

While Ronaldo statistically made a strong return to Manchester United in 2021, scoring 24 goals and adding three more assists, the team didn’t do well, missing out on the Champions League and seeing Ronaldo push for a summer exit that never happened. to implementation. When Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked and replaced by Ralf Rangnick, Ronaldo was unhappy.

“He’s not even a coach. It surprised not only me, but the whole world. It was a ridiculous decision. Manchester United one step behind Man City and Liverpool because of these decisions,” said Ronaldo about the hiring of Rangnick. “I have never heard of Rangnik. And the people I spoke to hadn’t heard of him either. I called him the boss, but deep down I didn’t see him as the boss.”

For a player who wants others to look up to him and also strives to set an example, disrespecting his coach just because of his background is not an example to be set. There is no doubt that Ronaldo has achieved almost everything possible in his career and that he has also played with many world-class managers. Hell, there’s even some truth to him not backing Rangnick as it was United’s head-turning decision, but this is the case when Ronaldo said the quiet part out loud, adding to his United legacy.

“Rangnick didn’t know what he was doing. The dimension of the club and the history of the club,” Ronaldo continued about the time Rangnick was at the club. “If you fire Solskjaer, you should bring in a top coach, not a sports director.”

Ronaldo did have problems off the pitch under Rangnick as he and Georgina Rodriguez lost their son when they were expecting twins in October 2021, which he described as “the worst moment of my life since my father died. When you have a child, you expect everything to be fine, ”in an interview with Morgan. He was supported by rival fans, and even the queen, going through this loss, is an unimaginable strain, as well as dealing with problems around the club.

Leadership at United

Although Ronaldo wants to lead by example, he is not followed as often as he expected. “The youth of today are not as hungry as we were in the past. Everything is too easy for the younger generation,” said Ronaldo. “The new generation won’t have a long career with that attitude.”

Morgan asked Ronaldo what kind of players he expected from United and named only Casemiro, Diogo Dalot and Lisandro Martinez. It may be fair not to put too much weight on this as he may not have wanted to offer an exhaustive list, but young players have been instrumental in United’s success under Erik ten Hag this season.

Not only have Dalot and Martinez been critical to the team’s defensive success, but 18-year-old Alejandro Garnacho is growing up before our eyes. Anthony Elanga scored big goals and, ahead of Brazil’s representation at the World Cup, Antony’s growing up story also released in Sao Paulo.

It’s true that most of these players won’t have a career until Ronaldo is, after all, the talent of a generation, but the next generation of football stars is poised to take up the mantle. Ronaldo is no longer on top of a mountain looking at the game in its entirety, players like France and PSG Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland at Manchester City are ready to take the stage as the best players in the world for years to come. It feels like Ronaldo is trying to keep the legacy of his younger self by struggling to accept the role of bench player at United for players who are less experienced than him but more willing to buy a ten Hag system.

Ten Hag and how to move on

Ronaldo had little more to say about ten Hague than Rangnick, who said: “I knew a little about him from his work at Ajax. but it’s not a rave review despite United’s marked improvement this season. With the break in the World Cup, the Red Devils are three points behind Tottenham Hotspur in fourth place with a game in hand, so they have the Champions League victory in their hands. They are also in the play-offs of the Europa League, but they will face a serious test against Barcelona.

United may not have the traction they used to have, Ronaldo noticed, but they are working to get back to their luster.

“I was surprised. Ferguson left a big lead and also lost David Gill, a very good man,” Ronaldo said of the lack of progress at the club. “I knew United would never be the same, but I didn’t think it would be this bad.”

Even the use of the term “bad” when a team is leading the trophy shows how Ronaldo’s accomplishments are tied to his own performance. It’s hard for him to see his way back to the lineup, even if he apologizes for the interview. Some things can’t be left unsaid, and that left a dark cloud around the club. The doors to potential transfers are closed for him as his salary is too high for Sporting to return to his home country and they may not want him to return home after that either.

Other top clubs don’t need distractions Chelsea, Saudi Arabia and Major League Soccer as destinations. Todd Boly had already studied Ronaldo, but Thomas Tuchel didn’t want him at the club. As the team slipped under Potter a bit, Boely could take another look despite having already added Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Chelsea certainly don’t need another distraction, but Boeli loves the shiny new toys and Christopher Nkunku’s injury that sees him out of the World Cup, and perhaps the next eight weeks could be enough for him to finish the season with ” RB Leipzig, not with Leipzig. Possible move to Chelsea.

If United end up terminating Ronaldo’s contract, it could be easier for him to find a new club, but he will still have to change his salary requirements.

The last payday may be in America or Saudi Arabia, but Ronaldo will have to accept that his European career is over. With this interview, his time at United is already hanging in the balance as each day he stays at the club will only lead to more questions about his future. This could be carried over to Portugal for the World Cup, where he will be with his United teammates. Bruno Fernandes and Dalot creates another unnecessary distraction. What is done from now on will determine what remains of his United legacy.


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