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Crystal ball pick comes in for five-star quarterback Dante Moore

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In the spring of this year, it began to seem that the appearance of a five-star quarterback is only a matter of time. Dante Moore ultimately made his verbal promise to Notre Dame. However, this commitment was never achieved and if you On3 Recruiting Prediction Machinethe chances of the Irish continue to fall every day.

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Now a crystal ball prediction from one of the best in their creation is out and it’s even more bad news for the Notre Dame chase as 247Sports’ Steve Wiltfong gave his crystal ball prediction for Moore to stay in Oregon.

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Connected: Dante Moore tweeted a photo with a duck

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How accurate is Wiltfong usually? He hit .913 this year as he hit 3,431 out of 3,758 picks, which means he’s probably got something here since Moore is now due to visit Eugene this weekend as well.

It’s not official yet and may not be soon. Hell, this may not be entirely correct (although I wouldn’t bet on it), but a talent like Moore, who is seemingly in the hands of Notre Dame, and his escape is a painful blunder, since he was the most big recruit in 2023 class for Marcus Freeman as well as Tommy Rhys.

Assuming Wiltfong is right, we’re left wondering what Notre Dame is doing at quarterback this cycle when they’ve thrown big shots but come up empty every single one of them.

Are they rushing to add a quarterback that hasn’t been proposed yet?

That’s where you hope Tyler Buechner matches the hype of the next few seasons, and that’s CJ Carr will be the real deal once it arrives on campus for the 2024 season.

Make no mistake – Notre Dame went all-in on Moore and looked like he lost. They went all-in against Moore, seemed to have a significant advantage over everyone else and appeared to have lost.

Imagine if this happened under the previous regime.

Carr certainly softens this up a lot, but swinging and missing like this isn’t fun at all, even if it’s been trending for some time.

Next: One positive spin

At least the Irish Michigan and it looks like they missed both him and Carr from their own backyard.


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