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Cubs’ David Ross: Vin Scully ‘special man, done a lot for our game’

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Ross: Vin Scully is a ‘special man, did a lot for our game’ originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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ST. LOUIS. Ron Coomer did not play for the Dodgers until the final season of his career in 2003, but he once did spring training at major league camp as a Triple A after a minor league trade. a decade earlier.

“When I got back to Los Angeles last year, on our first bus ride, I got on the team bus at the end of the bus,” Coomer said. cubs“Radio Analyst. “And he was one of the last people to get on the bus. And he went all the way to the end to say, “Hi, welcome back.”

“I’m like, ‘This is Vin Scully.’ Wow.”

Scully’s death on Tuesday at the age of 94 sparked feelings and sadness across the sport due to the influence of his voice and generous spirit over more than 70 years in baseball.

“There aren’t many days that a team announcer goes by and it hits you in the heart,” said Cubs manager David Ross, who invented the Dodgers two decades ago. Vin is one of those guys.

Ross was drafted by the Dodgers from high school and back from college and made his debut with them in 2002.

“I remember being in an elevator with him and my little three-pound chihuahua when I was a freshman and taking him [outside] going to the bathroom and almost bit off his finger when he tried to pet it,” Ross said.

Besides the fact that Ross, Scully and the chihuahua are in the elevator, it’s all about presence, longevity, genius and obviously definitely a voice.

“Hearing his voice say your name is pretty cool,” Ross said. “He was just that guy that you knew he worked there, but he felt like a friend… just one of those staples. Sad day”.

When Scully went to Wrigley Field during his 67th and final season as Dodgers announcer in 2016, Ross, who was also retiring that season, joined then-manager Joe Maddon in handing Scully the 67th. place on the Wrigley and Dodger scoreboards. flag from the scoreboard.

“He’s a special person, he did a lot for our game,” Ross said. “It is a voice that everyone recognizes. Even after that, he was a great ambassador for the Dodgers.

“You’re talking about one of the legends of our game.”

Coomer said that when he first entered Dodgers spring camp as a minor league player, Scully was a giant in the organization who was respected even before you walked in the door.

“And then when you met him, you thought, ‘Wow, this is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met,'” he said.

Ross: “He will be missed.”

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