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Cubs’ Drew Smyly, ‘very happy’ to remain with team, beats Marlins

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Smiley, ‘very happy’ to stay at Kaba, wins first win at Wrigley originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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Drew Smiley said he thought there was at least a chance he would be transferred before this year’s exchange deadline.

“I thought maybe 50/50.” cubs lefty said Saturday.

Smiley didn’t spread the word as often as some of his Cubs teammates last month. But as a guy capable of starting or replacing someone who won the World Series last fall, it’s clear he could help the opposing team this season.

However, the trade never went through, and Smiley would remain with the Cubs for the remainder of the season.

And he is happy that he is still here.

“I’m glad it’s over,” Smiley said of the deadline. “I’m very excited to just be here and stay here to help the young kids and be around to watch our guys grow and gain experience at the major league level.

“We’re a young team, but like I said, it’s such a fun bunch of guys to play with every day.”

Smiley made his first start after Saturday’s deadline and kept the Marlins scoreless in 6 2/3 innings and 106 pitches, both season highs.

He allowed five hits (four singles) and a walk with four strikeouts.

One of the young guys that Smiley hinted at, Christopher Morel, started the Cubs draw with a lead single in fifth place. He came up to score. The other, Nico Horner, went 3-for-4.

“Everyone is hungry and everyone just wants to get better – win or lose,” Smiley said of the Cubs. “You always want to go out and win; it makes things more fun.

“But it’s still fun to show up every day and play here at Wrigley Field with these fans.”

Weeks before the deadline, Smiley said he was happy in Chicago, but also acknowledged that the trade would likely give him a chance to enter the pennant race.

However, three weeks ago, he and his wife had their third child, and Smiley said that if he were traded, it would be “chaos”.

Left with the Cubs, he finally won his first home win with the team in front of 36,787 fans who turned out on Saturday.

This came almost five years after he signed with the Cubs; Smiley spent the 2018 season recovering from Tommy John surgery.

“It’s nice to win here. It’s so much fun to play here, to be a home player,” said Smiley. “Coming to this field every home game, it’s really like nothing else. It’s a very fun atmosphere.

“Obviously we are not having the best season and we are far behind in the standings, but you go out to every game and every fan is rooting for you, cheering you on, a crowded hall, and the energy is simply better than anywhere else.

“Today I was very happy that I was able to get my first Wrigley win and come out on top.”

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