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Cunha: “I was able to grow in many aspects of my game”

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TAfter a first season of adaptation, Matehus Cunha will face his second year as a mattress player with the idea of ​​becoming an important footballer at Atlético. The Brazilian played 37 games with the red and white shirt and was directly involved in 14 goals. He scored seven and assisted on another seven. In the shadow of Joao Félix, Griezmann and Luis Suárez, Cunha has left a good feeling in the stands.

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On vacation in Brazil, the striker talks to GQ Brasil about his performance, his adventure with Atlético, the National Team, the World Cup, his fellow colchoneros and various other topics.

First season

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“It has been a lot of learning and evolution. I found a sensational environment and I am grateful for everything I experienced in this first year at Atleti. I was able to grow in many aspects of my game, play in the Champions League and be playing with the best in the world I am very happy and satisfied with everything that has been done”.

March of Luis Suárez and possibility of establishing himself in the eleven

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“We have a very qualified squad and players who can also play the role of Suárez. I will work hard every day in search of my space. I always work to prepare myself to be among the eleven. It is about having a good preseason and being prepared for when I need Simeone”.

What does he learn from Simeone

“Training sessions are always carried out at the highest technical, tactical and intensity levels. Simeone is able to convey very clearly what he is looking for from each player and the team. He gives a lot of detail about the opponent’s game before the matches and, depending on the characteristics of the opponent, we act in a specific way. This diversity has served me very well. His biggest request is constant intensity and movement. I see myself, today, as a much more prepared player”.

Trained by Simeone and Tite

“They are two great coaches and managers of people. I think that is the biggest similarity between the two. The perfect way they lead the team and see the human side of the athletes. I am grateful to be able to enjoy the knowledge of these two great coaches. Without a doubt, they are important pieces in my evolution.”

Competition for the World Cup

“When it comes to the Brazilian national team, be it in any position, the competition is enormous and of a high level. The merit comes from what we do every day, in games with the clubs and what we deliver when we are with the national team. The dispute is healthy and I feel prepared to be in the fight. I trust my potential and work, and I will continue to do my best to be able to wear the Brazil shirt. It has always been and will continue to be a dream come true. Representing Brazil is the culmination of an athlete’s career”.

Can you play on the wings?

“It is a role that I have played and represented throughout my career. I am available to the coach to act where he sees fit.”

Brazil options in the World Cup

“Brazil is prepared to play against any rival during the World Cup. Due to the high number of players that play in the main European leagues and teams, Brazil arrives prepared and very strong. The work carried out throughout this cycle shows the potential of our selection.


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