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Cup drivers are for changing Texas but leery about making it another Atlanta NASCAR fines Ty Gibbs $75,000 for pit road incident at Texas NASCAR penalizes William Byron for spinning Denny Hamlin Kurt Busch ‘hopeful’ he can return from concussion this year NASCAR Power Rankings: Denny Hamlin returns to first place

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Fort Worth, Texas. Some Cup drivers are concerned that a reconfiguration of Texas Motor Speedway could lead to races like those in Atlanta, adding another type of super speedway racing to the NASCAR calendar.

Although Texas officials have not publicly announced any plans to make changes, some participants believe Sunday’s playoff race (3:30 p.m. ET on the US network) could be the last event on the circuit’s current circuit.

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As the All-Star race moves from Texas to North Wilkesboro next year, the only Texas Motor Speedway Cup race will take place on September 24, 2023. This may give time for any changes. Work on redesigning Atlanta began in July 2021 and was completed by December 2021.

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Current Cup champion Kyle Larson said the work should be done at Texas Motor Speedway.

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“I wish they would demolish this place first and then start over from scratch,” Larson said Saturday. “First, they did a really bad job with the reconfiguration, the initial reconfiguration.

“I wish they changed it from a mile and a half to something shorter. I don’t know if that means stretching on the back or something like that.

“If I could build a track, it would probably be three-quarters of a mile in Bristol, paved and progressive. But I don’t know if it’s possible here. I’m not sure what they mean, but it would have been better than what they did.”

Former Cup Champion Joey Logano worries about another super speedway race with the likes of Dayton, Talladega and now Atlanta.

“Do we need more superhighways?” Logano asked on Saturday. “Is this what racing fans want to see? Because when you look at how people have finished in front of these super fast tracks lately, (they) are riding in the back.

“Do you think you should be rewarded for not working? Because that’s what they do. They drive in the back, they don’t work, they don’t go there to make a good race. They ride in the back and capitalize on the misfortunes of other people who race ahead in an attempt to win. I don’t think this is correct. It’s not racing. I can’t get behind this.”

Logano said he wants to have more control over his finish, especially in the playoff race.

“I want to be on tracks where I can make a difference, where my team can make a difference and we’re not at the mercy of the crash that happened in front of us that we couldn’t do anything about,” he said. said.

Discussions about changing the track followed complaints about how difficult it was to overtake this 1.5-mile track.

“Once you get to the top, the bottom (band) seems to be very, very weak” Daniel Suarez said.

Suarez has mixed feelings about the idea of ​​turning Texas into another Atlanta-style race.

“Atlanta was a very good race track, and then they turned it into a super speedway, which is a lot of fun,” said Suarez. “I see it as a hybrid. I don’t think we need another racing track like this, but that’s not my decision. Whatever they throw at us, I’ll try to be the best I can be.”

Suarez hopes Texas will return to what it once was.

“Maybe with a little work we can make this race track what it used to be, a very wide race track, running on the bottom, running in the middle, running on the top,” he said.

“As a racer, this is what you need. You need that ability to run and show off your skills. In super fast lanes… everyone is pushing, everyone is pushing, and you can’t really show off your skills that much.”

Chase Briscoe it would be okay to change the track to Texas, but he wants it to sound more like a track other than Atlanta.

“If we’re really going to change and start over, I’d love to have another Homestead-style race track,” Briscoe said. “The problem is that every time you build a new race track, it won’t be slippery and worn out for a while. He is trying to figure out what is best to use in the first couple of years in order to get good results by the end.

“I think Homestead is a great model if we’re going to build another mile and a half. I think we need to see what they have, progressive roll, the shape of the race track is different. I just think it’s a really good race track and I think it always has really good races. Anything we could do to try and live up to that would be my vote.”

Denny Hamlin just hoping there will be some change in Texas.

“Honestly, I’d rather have another Atlanta than this one,” Hamlin said. “Everything will be better than what we have.”

NASCAR fined Ty Gibbs $75,000 and stripped him of 25 points for slamming the door. Ty Dillon on pit road during last weekend’s Cup Race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Crew members from other teams were nearby when Gibbs hit Dillon’s car, causing it to swerve. None of the crew members and officials were injured.

NASCAR has made it a priority that drivers should not make contact that could result in injury to crew members or pit road officials. NASCAR also penalized the Gibbs 25 Cup drivers and deducted 25 car owners’ points from 23XI Racing for car No. 23 Cup run by Gibbs.

NASCAR docked William Byron 25 points and fined $50,000 per spin Denny Hamlin under caution in last weekend’s Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Byron dropped from third in the playoff standings to below the cut line ahead of Sunday’s Cup race at Talladega Superspeedway (2:00 pm EDT on NBC).

Chase Briscoe rises and holds the last transfer place with 3041 points. Austin Sindrik is the first driver outside the transfer point with 3034 points. Byron is next with 3033 points.

Hendrick Motorsports also lost 25 owner points.

The warning was lifted on lap 269 Martin Truex Jr.accident. As Hamlin slowed down, Byron moved in and hit him from behind.

Byron admitted after the race that the contact was deliberate, although he didn’t want to beat Hamlin. Byron was upset by how Hamlin overtook him on lap 262. Byron felt Hamlin push him into the wall as they exited turn two side by side. Byron expressed his displeasure during the warning.

“I felt like he kicked me off the race track at (turn) 2 and hit the wall really hard,” Byron said. “It felt like the finger link was definitely bent, fortunately not completely broken. We were able to continue.

“A lot of times that kind of damage will ruin your race, especially one this strong. I totally understand how to get close to someone and make a little contact, but it was pretty big.”

Of the retaliation, Byron said, “I didn’t mean to piss him off. This is definitely not what I intended to do. I wanted to hit him a little and show my displeasure, and unfortunately I did. Obviously when he got out, I was like, ‘I didn’t mean to do this,’ but I was definitely upset.”

Hamlin and crew chief Chris Geibhart argued and questioned NASCAR for not putting Hamlin back in second place, where he was before Byron hit him, and also questioned that Byron had not been penalized.

“I think we can just smash each other as a precaution,” Hamlin said after the race.

This was announced by NASCAR Senior Vice President Scott Miller.


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