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Daily Fantasy Football Week 10: Lineup Picks for Sunday Baller contest

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The NFL Week 10 Core Daily Fantasy Roster starts Sunday at 1:00 pm EST and includes 10 games. The Ravens, Bengals, Patriots and Jets say goodbye as Thursday Night Football (Panther Falcons), Munich Match (Seahawks-Buccaneers), Football Sundays (Chargers-Forniners) and Monday Night Football (Commanders-Eagles) are also excluded from the main Sunday roster. Sportzshala will host many NFL DFS contests in Week 10, but the biggest one is the Sunday Baller, which pays out a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool to 3,003 top finishers, including $25,000 for the winner. You can submit up to 150 entries to this contest, which has a maximum total capacity of 11,760 entries, but will still run if it is not filled, potentially giving you increased chances of winning, also known as an overlay.

Playing in guaranteed prize pool (GPP) competitions is all about chasing profits, while heads-up, 50/50 or doubles-focused lineups should prioritize high floors. The players you want to target for these different types of competition are not mutually exclusive, but winning a GPP tournament usually requires finding a hidden gem or going upstream in one or two places, while building a solid base of the same Mela plays you would use anywhere. Playing against the grain usually consists of high-profile players in complex or boom or bust matches with undefined roles.

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[Play in Sportzshala’s Week 10 $200K Sunday Baller DFS contest]

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Be aware that Sportzshala DFS competition uses a 0.5 PPR rating rather than a full PPR, which reduces the comparative value of wide receivers and running backs (in that order), but particularly affects high-volume pass catchers. Your $200,000 NFL Sunday Baller roster will consist of one QB, two RBs, three WRs, one TE, one FLEX (RB/WR/TE) and one D/ST division.

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Plays on offer in Week 10 include a couple of the biggest names in the game in QB and RB, a few well-established but accessible WRs, and a profitable TE on the upside.


Patrick Mahomes, KC vs. JAX ($38)

Mahomes has played as well as any quarterback in recent weeks and as Kansas City struggles to get results from their running back, he will likely continue to carry most of the offensive workload for heavy home favorites against a Jaguars team that is allowed 28-plus points. in three of the four away games this season. Mahomes has hit 30.0 fantasy points three times and thrown over 400 yards in each of his last two games this season, so his DFS salary should be justified; he could very well be the leader of all fantasy scorers in week 10.

honorable mentions

Justin Fields, CHI vs. CHILD ($33); Tua Tagovailoa, MIA vs. CLE ($33); Daniel Jones, NYG vs. XY ($26)

Against the Greiners

Josh Allen, BUF vs. MIN ($41); Russell Wilson, DEN to TEN ($24); Matthew Stafford, LAR vs. ARI ($24)


Saquon Barkley, NYG vs. HOU ($36)

Barkley is New York’s center of attack, regardless of matchup, and is likely to be relied on particularly heavily against a Houston defense that hasn’t shown the ability to stop a run even when the Texans know it will. Houston’s last three games have been led by defensemen. Josh Jacobs, Derrick Henry as well as Miles Sanders scored a staggering 455 yards and five touchdowns to the ground. Barkley is also a more powerful pass catcher than those three and will be well equipped to handle a heavy workload when the Giants are out of the game.

Sakwon Barkley #26 of the New York Giants is a fantasy star.
Saquon Barkley should be ready for a fantastic holiday in week 10. (Photo: Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Dalwyn Cook, MIN in BUF ($26)

Cook plays against the grain more, but using him in this difficult match on paper can give you an advantage in the competition if he plays to his ability. Buffalo has the sixth-lowest yards per game overall, but a lot of that success is due to the team going so long with the lead. This may not be the case against the Vikings 7-1, especially with questions on Josh AllenAvailability. In their last two games, the Bills gave up over 200 yards on the ground to a lackluster offense from the Packers and then conceded 174 yards in the Jets’ loss last week. Given that context, Cook has good value considering he’s reached 90 yards in four of his eight games and hit the end zone five times in his last four games.

honorable mentions

Alvin Camara, NO at PIT ($31); Dameon Pierce, HOU New York ($23); Khalil Herbert CHI vs DET ($20)

Against the Greiners

Tony Pollard, DAL in the UK ($23); James Conner, YES in LAR ($20); D’Andre Swift, DET at CHI ($18)


Amon-Ra Saint Brown, DET to CHI ($20)

Injury problems derailed St. Brown’s season after a promising start, but he made a full recovery just in time to enjoy a Bears defense that was down 84 points in the last two games. During this two-game drift, Chicago allowed each of CD Lamb, Jaylen Waddle as well as Tyreke Hill, and all three outstanding wide receivers were in the end zone. Look for St. Brown, who had 23 catches for 253 yards and three touchdowns in his first three weeks, to follow in their footsteps.

Jerry Judy, DEN to TEN ($18)

Tennessee has already said goodbye, but the Titans are still one of only seven teams to have allowed at least 1,500 wide receiver yards, with only three of the others (Pittsburgh, Minnesota and Detroit) playing on Sunday’s main roster.

The Denver offense didn’t have it easy, but Judy quietly forged a good relationship with Russell Wilson in recent weeks, establishing himself as Denver’s No. 1 receiver Courtland Sutton. Judy has covered 50 yards in each of his last five games, and he hit 13 of 18 targets for 159 yards and a touchdown in his last two games before Denver’s Week 9. Setting a run will be tricky against a Titans defense that only passes 87.6 yards per game, so expect the Broncos to stick to a high passing game plan that Judy is heavily involved in.

Dionte Johnson, PIT vs. NO ($15)

Johnson is too good to pass up, especially against the Saints’ fickle defense, which gives them 1,429 yards of rushing, eighth in the league. Poor play by the Pittsburgh quarterback has severely limited Johnson’s effectiveness and he has yet to find a scoring zone, but he is constantly opening up and seeing a lot of goals. He’s caught at least five passes in all games but one this season, and Johnson’s 76 goals rank seventh in the NFL. The potential reward far outweighs the risk for a guy who has 2,084 yards and 15 touchdowns in the two seasons leading up to this.

honorable mentions

Cooper Kupp, LAR vs. ARI ($39); Chris Olav, NO at PIT ($26); Juju Smith-Shuster, KC vs. JAX ($18)

Against the Greiners

Davante Adams, LV vs. IND ($25); Amari Cooper, CLE at MIA ($24); Gabe Davis, BUF vs. MIN ($17)


Cole Kmet, CHI vs. DET ($13)

FROM Justin Fields showing a marked improvement as a passer of late, Kmet has suddenly become a factor in the red zone. After enduring a 28-game touchdown drought since his rookie season, the tight end has come alive with three touchdowns in the last two games and he should get more chances against a Lions defense that suffered a league-record 29 ,3. points per game. Detroit’s 502 receiving yards and five TE-allowed touchdowns rank sixth and fourth in the league, respectively.

honorable mentions

Travis Kelsey, KC vs. Travis Kelsey, KC; JAX ($32); Greg Dulcic, DEN at TEN ($18); Tyler Higbee, LAR; YES ($14)

Against the Greiners

TJ Hockenson, MIN in BUF ($17); Zach Ertz, ARI at LAR ($16); Dalton Schultz, UK DAL ($10)


Las Vegas Raiders, LV vs. IND ($13)

The Vegas defense struggled for most of the year, but it has been proven that they can perform in favorable matchups, racking up fantastic double-digit numbers against both the Broncos and the Texans. Those are the two highest-scoring offenses in the league, but they are both ahead of the Colts, who are in last place in the league with 14.7 points per game. Indianapolis has gotten even worse since he handed over the reins Sam Elinger, who led the team to just 9.5 points per game but failed to throw a touchdown in his first two NFL starts. Even if Indianapolis gets Jonathan Taylor In the back, the Raiders defense must feast on the league’s least dangerous offense in front of a roaring home crowd.

Honorable Mentions:

Denver Broncos, DEN to TEN ($16); New Orleans Saints, NO at PIT ($14); New York Giants, NYG vs. HOU ($13)

Against the Greiners:

Buffalo Bills, BUF vs. MIN ($18); Tennessee Titans, TEN vs. DEN ($17); Kansas City Chiefs, KC vs. JAX ($14)

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