Dale Bonner splits double-team for a Baylor layup – ESPN Video

0:16 Oklahoma State Fan Scores $1,000 During Half-Court Half-Court During the half-court game, a fan takes a half-court shot and practices it to win 1,000.36 minutes. double team Baylor’s Jonathan Chamwa Chachua flexes his muscles in a hard-and-1 bucket while he’s protected by two men. 55:00:19 Baylor’s Scott Drew received a technical foul for an argument Baylor’s basketball coach Scott Drew is furious with the referee and received a technical foul for an argument. 0.2 hours 0:16 Dale Bonner splits double team due to Baylor layup Dale Bonner of Baylor passes between two defensemen and straight into the basket for the layup. ,fa n takes a half court throw and trains to win $1000.36m0:16 Baylor’s Jonathan Chamwa Chachua falls and -1 through Baylor’s double team Jonathan Chamwa Chachua muscles in a hard bucket and -1 when he is defended by two men. 49m0:23 Tyreke Smith is wide open for a big OK State dunk Tyreke Smith of Oklahoma is left alone for a two-handed power dunk. 55 minutes 0:19 Baylor’s Scott Drew receives a dispute technical foul. 59m0:53 Flo Tamba is out and -1 for Baylor Flo Tamba Baylor is down on a hard layup on contact. 2h0:16 Who will win every conference tournament in 2023? Champion Week starts on Monday and runs through qualifying Sunday. Here’s our expert pick of the winners of all automatic bids for the 2022-2023 men’s college basketball competition. 15hSportzshalaChris Jones-USA TODAY Sports


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