Damar Hamlin: God’s plan for me was to have a purpose greater than any game in this world

Kelly Clarkson made NFL Honors a must-see on TV before Damar Hamlin stole the show.

The two-hour show highlighted Bill’s remarkable recovery from an on-field cardiac arrest when he received the NFLPA Alan Page Community Award.

The first responders to save Hamlin’s life were given a video tribute and then brought on stage, followed by Hamlin.

“Every day I am amazed that my experience can inspire so many people across the country and even around the world to pray, to encourage to spread love and to continue to fight no matter what,” Hamlin said in one minute. , 54th speech on Thursday evening. “Sudden cardiac arrest is something I would never mention in my story, but that is because our own vision is too small, even when we think we see the whole picture. My vision was to play in the NFL and be the best player I could be, but God’s plan was to have a goal bigger than any game in the world.”

The stage was filled with athletic and medical personnel from the Bills and Bengals, as well as staff from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. “Team Damar” received a standing ovation from the audience, as well as a group hug and a public acknowledgment from Hamlin.

Bill’s assistant athletic coach Denny Kellington, who performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Hamlin on a field in Cincinnati on January 2, even received fifth place in NFL MVP voting.

Hamlin singled out an ICU doctor named Yousef, who, after Hamlin’s three nights in the hospital, told Hamlin that he had experienced something similar.

“He showed me he was okay and that meant so much to me,” Hamlin said. “There was so much uncertainty at the time, and just when he came to me, showing me that I can live a normal life again, it meant so much to me and my mom. I want to express my deepest gratitude to him.”

Thursday marked Hamlin’s second public performance in Phoenix this week. His return to the public eye came during the Bills’ Divisional Round playoff game against the Bengals, watching the game from his room.

“All my life I have felt that God used me to give others hope, and now, with a new set of circumstances, I can say that he is doing what he has always done,” Hamlin said. “I have a long road ahead of me, a road full of unknowns and a road full of milestones, but it’s much easier to face your fears when you know your goal.”

Hamlin did not talk about his football future.


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