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Dana White recalls Vince McMahon banishing him to cheap seats for WrestleMania, clarifies Josh Emmett ticket mix-up

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Dana White knows all about the chaos that comes with organizing free seats at an event.

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The UFC president has been on both sides of the equation and recently opened up about an unfortunate experience he had trying to attend a Ronda Rousey match at WrestleMania. (White did not specify which WrestleMania he was referring to.) Former WWE boss Vince McMahon, who announced his retirement last allegations of sexual harassment — was in the cage at UFC 276 in Las Vegas on July 2, and White says he treated McMahon with much more respect than he was given.

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“They contacted me and said he wanted to come to the fight,” White said this week after the season premiere. Challenge Series. “I gave him much better seats than he gave me when I went to meet Rhonda. This dude fucked me, fuck I didn’t even fuck you. First of all, Rhonda says, “You have to be at this event. I want you to be there,” and all that stuff. I said, “Rhonda, I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” She’s like, “Okay, I’ll let you know you’re coming. Cool cool.’

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“I’m going to fucking New Orleans. Don’t go behind and all that shit [they said] They are at the window for you. I go to the fucking window call and [they said]”We don’t have tickets for you.” I call some people: “Yes, we found them. Okay, we’ve got your tickets. When I tell you I was on the fucking rafters… people came up to me and said, “Why are you sitting in those seats?” I said, “That’s where they put me, so the hell with them, I’ll sit here.”

“I think today it was Pat McAfee, he said: “You should have taken decent places. You were on camera. The cameraman had to crawl over 75 people, kick someone out of his fucking chair three rows away from me, so he could just take this shot. They let me know what they thought of me at that event.”

White’s team regularly gives out front-row tickets to fighters and other special guests, so when he was sent to WrestleMania, he’s sure it wasn’t an accident.

“When you host an event the way you host it, and you have people that you know that will come, that you care about or respect, you make sure they are taken care of the hell out of,” White said. . “So when you show up at an event like this — which is what I do, this is what I do for a living for the last fucking 23 years — the message is received. If you know what I mean?

“And no hard feelings, I understand. Vince is like that and he is like that. I sat in my fucking seats and watched the whole event and then we left.”

Following the story, White was asked about the recent situation in which Team Alpha Male head coach Uriah Faber stood up for fellow fighter Josh Emmett over what he perceived as disrespectful treatment of a featherweight contender. Faber said it was “really bulls ***” that Emmett wasn’t in a cage during Alexander Volkanovski’s recent featherweight title defense against Max Holloway at UFC 276.

White explained that it was just a misunderstanding on Emmett’s part, due to the sponsor also supplying him with tickets.

“Firstly, Uriah Faber was not aware of what happened at that event,” White said. “So all these fighters get tickets. How many fighters have you heard from, “Oh my God, they fucking put me in the shit, they did this and that?” You will never hear it. You know why? Because it never happens. I’m not saying we’re fucking perfect because we’re not, we make mistakes here and there.

“Josh Emmett just happened to get fighter tickets from us. He also received tickets from his sponsor. He took tickets from his sponsor, not from us. That’s where his sponsorship spots were.”

White’s explanation is corroborated by Emmett’s recent interview with MyMMAnews in which he discussed confusion.

“There was just a misunderstanding,” Emmett said. “The UFC actually had cage tickets for me. I performed with one of my sponsors and they also had tickets for me and they kind of wanted me to sit in the same section with them and I didn’t know that.”

White has made it clear that despite his awkward WrestleMania experience, he has a lot of respect for McMahon, who ran WWE for 40 years. Although the two advertising giants sometimes clashed with each other, White praised McMahon’s work.

“What this guy has built and what he has done is incredible,” White said. “He has been doing this for over 50 years. I watched it as a kid, and then to still be here and do it now, it’s phenomenal. He is a killer. He stuck the ax into my back a few times, but that’s what you’re dealing with. You are not dealing with a killer and do not expect him to try to kill you. However, I have nothing but respect for Vince.”


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