Daniel Jones Recaps Eagles Loss, Peter King on Marquee Weekend for Jets and Giants

(1:12) – CARLOS CORREA – Following reports that Correa could sign with the Mets and Yankees last weekhe signs a 13-year, $350 million deal with the Giants.
(8:42) – YANKS: Once all the big free agents are off the board, will the Yankees add Carlos Rodon or take any other steps?
(8:47 a.m.) – Knicks: The Knicks have won a four-game streak and are looking to extend it against the Bulls on Wednesday.
(9:17 a.m.) – NETS: Brooklyn fell behind Kyrie and KD to be one game outside of the third seed in the East.
(10:21 a.m.) – DANIEL JONES: The Giants QB returns to the show to discuss Sunday’s loss to the Eagles, the team’s slump, pre-game rituals and preparations for the Sunday Night Football matchup with the Commanders.
(32:58) – PETER KING: NBC’s Peter King joins the show to discuss the possibility of the Giants and Jets making the playoffs, as well as the future of Zach Wilson and Daniel Jones.

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Host: John Yastremsky
Guests: Daniel Jones and Peter King.
Producers: Stefan Anderson and Mike Wargon

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