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Danny Sabatello suggests 10-round fight if Leandro Higo misses weight again at Bellator 282 ‘so I can f****** kill him’

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Danny Sabatello doesn’t care if Leandro Higo can make weight for their bantamweight Grand Prix match, but he plans to punish his opponent for past failures on the scale anyway.

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Sabatello and Higo will face off in the five-round co-main event of Bellator 279 on June 24 at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. The stakes in this duel are high – the winner will not only get into the tournament. semi-finals and one step closer to the $1 million grand prize, but the winner will also face new interim champion Raufeon Stots in the next round.

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Due to Higo’s weight loss in his last two matches, Sabatello sees it as a complete lack of respect for the sport. If “Italian Gangster” plays the role of commissioner on the day of the weigh-in and Hego misses the weigh-in, Sabatello will definitely not let Hego off the hook.

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“[I would] make this fight 10 rounds so I can fucking kill him,” Sabatello told MMA Fighting on Damn morning. “If I don’t kill him, then I will pull out a gun and shoot him in his fucking head. I think there is no acceptable reason to skip the fucking weight.

“But if I was a commission, I would say, ‘Hey Hego, if you miss weight, we will have this fight in 10 rounds and Danny Sabatello can do whatever the hell he wants with you. We’re not going to stop this. Even if you press, we will make him continue. Even if you get knocked out, he will still hit you.”

“If it were up to me, the worst punishment would be torture. Like this fight, I don’t want to just go and finish it right away – I want to torture this bastard and that’s the best thing that can happen.”

Sabatello has six consecutive victories, including a dominant decision victory in Dana White’s Contender Series in November 2020, as well as a pair of victories in his first two promotional fights against Brett Jones – a fight he accepted in less than a week – and Jornel Lugo. in the Grand Prix qualifier.

On the other hand, the one-time Bellator title contender has won three fights in a row, including a pair of submissions from Sean Bunch and Ricky Bandeis, as well as a decision victory over former champion Darrion Caldwell.

To say Sabatello isn’t impressed with Hego would be an understatement.

“Going to combat camps, you have a bunch of guys imitating a fighter. You tell these guys, “Hey, this guy is Muay Thai, model a Muay Thai guy,” Sabatello said. “For about five to six weeks, I imitated his style. Before I start sparring, I go up to my partners and say, “Hey, fight me for real, damn it, because that’s what Hego is going to do.” He’s a fucking fighter.”

“I think I’m more than ready for June 24th at the Mohegan Sun Arena and I’m just going to turn his damn light off.”

Following his dominant performance against Lugo at April’s Bellator 278, the promotion rewarded its new star with a new multi-fight contract. In his first fight under the new deal, Sabatello plans to get more attention for himself and also wants to send Hego into his new profession completely.

“I’m going to be a guy, I want him to retire after this,” Sabatello explained. “I want him to lose weight hard – make weight, don’t make weight, I don’t give a damn because I’m going to crush the guy anyway, so it doesn’t matter to me. .

“But he’s going to get fat, maybe he’s gaining weight, maybe not, that doesn’t change the outcome. I’m going to kick his ass and my goal is to give him 21 to 29 stitches and I think I’ll do it.”


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