Darius Garland flips in and-1 high off the backboard – ESPN Video

0:31 Tatum flies past the baseline to hit the ball Jason Tatum follows the miss with a big one-handed dunk. dunk – Carys LeVert. 34 min. 0:26 Great ball movement by the Celtics led to a dunk by Robert Williams III. The Celtics move the ball flawlessly as the game ended with a Robert Williams III dunk. 54 min. ShieldDarius Garland enters the lane and somehow causes the i-1 to fall high above the shield. Dyke LeVertou for the dunk The Cavs ended the first quarter with Ricky Rubio. Ten cents all over the court to Carys LeVert for the dunk. 34 min 0:26 Great Celtics ball movement leads to Robert Williams III dunk Robert Williams III dunk.54m0:20 KD’s f Suns first basket – smooth shot1:0:16 How Kevin Durant will strengthen the Suns title challengeDouble Finals MVP could be the key to taking Phoenix to the next level.4dKirk Goldsberry


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