Darkness retreat over, decision time arrives for Aaron Rodgers

Quarterback Packers Aaron Rogers spent four days in the dark. It’s time for him to shed light on his future.

While the league’s new year won’t start until March 15, the Packers and any teams concerned need to know what Rodgers is doing so alternative plans can be made.

Packers don’t need to know this for their own purposes. If Rodgers retires or asks to play elsewhere, they will turn to Jordan Love. If he’s going to play for a new team, the new team will have to negotiate a deal with the Packers, not anything else.

Everything points to the fact that next week in Indianapolis all the teams and agents will gather at the intelligence plant. For example, the Jets need to know whether they will sign Rodgers or sign a contract. Derek Carr. If Carr has a tit in his hand with a team like the Saints, he might not be able to wait to see if he’s a plan B for NYJ.

Other teams may be looking for Rogers. The Raiders have sparked a lot of speculation, even though Rogers’ idiosyncrasies may not line up with Patriot Way West. And perhaps Rodgers will have his eye on the NFC team, which may require some delicate maneuvering to get the Packers to trade him there.

The first step is whether Rodgers will play at all. The second step is whether he will play for the Packers. The third step, if it has gone this far, should be resolved as soon as possible.

From a practical standpoint, this should be decided by next week.


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