Deebo Samuel came out against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football – and he doesn’t let Jalen Ramsey forget it.

In the second quarter in San Francisco, the 49ers scored a 57-yard touchdown off Jimmy Garoppolo that was one of the most memorable plays in the game, which the 49ers won 24-9.

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Samuel recorded 51 yards after a touchdown tackle and actually ran for 79.7 yards, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. It was also the longest passing touchdown the Rams allowed since week 7 last season (D’Andre Swift, 63 yards).

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He dodged nearly every minor Rams, including the Ramseys, during his run into the end zone and had a rather cold-blooded response when asked about play after the game.

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“It was just me and the ball there,” Samuel said. “I just go out and break some tackle like I do all the time.”

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He made a celebratory post about it on Tuesday, in which he apparently singled out Ramsey.

Including the playoffs, Samuel has scored five touchdowns against the Rams since 2021, the most by any player against any team since the start of last season.

“I always feel that Deebo [can step up and make big plays]”,” 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said. “Regardless of training, he’s had a good week, but he tends to do it, especially against them.”

Ramsey had sniffed out Samuel’s message and didn’t seem overly excited, but his displeasure didn’t dampen Samuel’s cheerful mood.

The 49ers and Rams will meet again on October 30 in Inglewood, California.