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Dejounte Murray calls out Spurs legend Tony Parker for not being a good mentor Report: Jazz, Hornets will be sellers at trade deadline Steve Kerr’s answer to reduce players missing games: 72-game season It takes 48 from Kyrie Irving, but Nets get first win without Durant (VIDEO) Watch Schroder get steal, bucket to cap Lakers come-from-behind win, end Grizzlies streak

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Tony Parker is heading into the Basketball Hall of Fame if he qualifies: four-time NBA champion, Finals MVP, four-time NBA All-Star, six-time All-Star, and a stellar international resume.

However, according to former spur Dehonte Murray, Parker was not a good mentor for young players.

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Murray appeared on the All the Smoke podcast and was brutally honest. about his relationship with Parker (CBS Sports hat tip).

“I started to grow, passed the first year, thrown into the fire in the playoffs against the Rockets. Then, in the second year, they see me coming back, obviously getting stronger, better. That same year, I took a job from Tony. [Gregg Popovich] brought us to the office, he told Tony. Tony doesn’t like it… I know he didn’t like it, because if he liked it, he would have taught me the way he was supposed to. He wouldn’t go to Charlotte’s, he would stay right there.

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Podcast co-host and former NBA player Stephen Jackson lashed out at Parker.

“I know what kind of person Tony is. A great player, he’s going to be in the Hall of Fame, but he’s very selfish,” Jackson said. “He was selfish, we would have had more championships and more success if he wasn’t so selfish… He is one of the most selfish players I have ever played with.”

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What would be funny is that Murray was so honest in his dealings with him and played alongside him. Trae Young this season.

This is not an easy task for an aging player who wants to compete – both on the court and for a few minutes on the court – and who wants to help the younger generation of players. Parker doesn’t have to be Murray’s mentor, and he decided to go where he could run more and not hang out in the embers of the Spurs’ golden era. It was his call, just not the call Murray wanted or obviously expected. Parker played one season at Charlotte before retiring. And we haven’t heard Parker’s version of the story.

Otherwise, Murray praised the Spurs’ organization and how they developed it. He said that Kawhi Leonard was more of a mentor, which is why he made the All-Defensive Team in his second season (the season he took the starting position from Parker).

Murray is currently on the payroll in Atlanta, where he is averaging 20.6 points and 6.1 assists per game, but the team hasn’t been as successful as expected. The rumbling of tension between Young and coach Nate McMillan has reverberated through the league (and there’s already been a front office reshuffling). I can’t wait for the All the Smoke podcast where Murray finally talks about this season.

It looks more and more like we’re getting close to the NBA trade deadline.

League sources told NBC Sports that while there has been more chatter in recent weeks, there are few actual deals because both conferences have a very compact position with many teams chasing the play-ins, resulting in few teams . sellers. Thanks to the fundamental law of supply and demand, the sellers who are there keep their prices high for the time being.

The two teams that will sell are The Utah Jazz and Charlotte Hornets. From Mark Stein in his Saturday newsletter This Week in Basketball.

However, there is a growing belief across the league that Utah is open to trade offers for any roster member who is not named. Lauri Markkanen or Walker Kessler and that Charlotte is also ready to take on the challenges of veterans like Terry Rozier, Gordon Hayward and Kelly Obre Jr. because the Hornets prioritize the lottery position after Lamelo Ballthird ankle injury this season. With the score at 12:34 ahead of Saturday’s game, Charlotte could well finish with one of the worst four records in the league.

Another thing to watch out for at Charlotte is that the Hornets are said to be interested in re-signing. PJ Washington up sharply from last summer, when the Hornets were expected to favor Miles Bridges.

There were many rumors about the jazz trade, including that the Clippers spoke to them about Mike Conleyas well as a three-team deal that will send Malik Beasley and more, but return John Collins play next to Markkanen. The problem in these cases is that Utah president and decision maker Danny Ainge is asking for spades, and after what the league saw as ripping off Minnesota this offseason, teams will falter.

Charlotte doesn’t need to trade players to turn around for the Wembanyama Lottery – they’ve already been bad enough this season (partly due to LaMelo Ball suffering multiple ankle injuries. A number of playoff teams are showing interest in Rosier and Obre, but move Hayward and his $30 million contract with $31.5 million guaranteed next season will be much more difficult (the Hornets will have to add sweeteners for someone to take it over).

Expect NBA trading market talks to get serious around February 1 – if sellers like Utah and Charlotte are going to cut their prices to get a deal, that’s when it will happen. At the moment prices are high so there is no real traction, but that doesn’t stop the rumors.

Stephen Curry and the defending champion Golden State Warriors are making the same trip to Cleveland this season, and that was Friday night. It was also the second consecutive night for the Warriors (who had lost the previous night in Boston) on the final night of the five-game trip.

All of this prompted coach Steve Kerr to give Curry a rest. Clay Thompson, Draymond Green and other stars paid to watch by Cavs fans, only Jordan Pool played among regular Warriors starters. While the Warriors took the win anyway, Kerr resting his stars sparked a conversation that has flared up in the league in a season when many stars don’t have time to rest, not just injury.

“I feel terrible about fans who buy tickets expecting to see someone play and they don’t see that person play,” Kerr said via The Associated Press. “It’s a cruel part of the business. That’s why I’m going to continue playing 72-game seasons…

“You take 10 games off the schedule, it always seems like with 10 games left in the year, everyone had them anyway. It creates enough rest when we don’t have to get into some of those crazy situations. I think you would see players miss a lot fewer games.”

Just a few days earlier, Stan Van Gundy had commented on the trend of missed games on Twitter – and Kevin Duran had fun with him.

The model for this would be the Los Angeles Clippers, a team with training staff the size of a soccer ball that still sees stars. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George miss so much time that the team can’t pick up the pace and climb up the standings. Fans will remember players a couple of decades ago playing with these injuries, but Kerr said the team’s knowledge of their players’ health has changed since then.

“I know it’s a big topic in the league. We have much more data. According to Kerr, much more attention is paid to the vulnerability of the players. “It has been proven that if guys get hit back to back, players are much more likely to get injured and miss more games, which is why you see it all over the league. Everyone is careful when a guy gets hit. You’re just playing the long game.”

Cavs coach JB Bickerstaff supported these ideas.

“You look at these guys and they play 15…


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