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Delon Wright may be tailor-made for Wizards’ defensive needs

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Wright can be created specifically for the needs of Wizards originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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WASHINGTON — Back in March, after his season ended due to surgery on his left wrist, wizard star Bradley Beal appeared on NBC Sports Washington’s post-game show and detailed what he thinks the team needs to add this offseason. On that shopping list were big guards that can defend and ideally shoot as well.

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Wizards could mark more than one of these fields with acquisition of a free agent Delon Wright, a 6ft 5in guard, is known more than anything for his defense. Whether Wright starts or not, he expects to play a key role and will likely take on some of the tougher defensive assignments.

This was part of an offer made to Wright by Wizards president Tommy Sheppard and head coach Wes Unseld Jr. during free agency times.

“When he and Tommy called me as a free agent, they told me about the need for protection. The team struggled defensively last year and I feel like I’m going to help the team get better this year,” Wright said.

This conversation came as a surprise to Unseld Jr. He has been with the NBA for over two decades, holding various positions in the front office and on the coaching staff. He’s spoken to enough players to know what they usually say under these conditions.

Wright offered an unusual perspective.

“His ability to influence the game in defense, we have seen. I think it’s important that he accepts it. Speaking to him during that free agent window, he made a comment that I have never heard from a player. , Unseld Jr. explained.

“I asked, ‘What are your personal goals?’ A lot of guys will use different metrics and numbers, and he said, “I want to make a defense team.” This is the first time I’ve heard this and it really hit me. It’s his way of thinking and his role.”

Wright also shared this goal during an introductory press conference with Wizards over the summer. Whether he achieves it or not, it’s worth striving for because he has a good defensive record. Last year, he was third in the NBA in steals in 36 minutes. behind only Matisse Tiboule and Gary Payton II.

Unseld Jr. hopes to use Wright in several positions. On smaller lineups, he could play forward and give the Wizards three playmakers at the same time. It can also be used to guard multiple positions at the other end of a floor due to its size and length.

Wright is ready for that responsibility. He believes that what he showed at the end of last year in the Atlanta Hawks may be a precursor to his role in Washington.

“They really counted on me to pick up the momentum defensively by picking up point guard and just changing the game defensively. I hope to keep doing that, just trying to make it harder for the point guard or whatever position I have to defend.” “, Wright said.

Wright likes to be approached in Washington. So did Sheppard and Unseld Jr.

What about Bill, who made these comments back in March?

“Huge [addition], Beal said of Wright. – He hurts the defense. In a pickup truck, he picks you up at a height of 94 feet. It’s annoying. It’s great to have that on your team and not have to face it.”


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