HENDERSON, Nevada. — As easy as it is to compare the Las Vegas Raiders using seven different offensive line combinations in three games to the deck chair swapping on the Titanic, maybe it’s not all that bad?

No, it’s not an annoyed Kevin Bacon in the parade scene at Animal Farm telling the crowd to keep calm that everything is fine.

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And, of course, Raiders owner Mark Davis had a lengthy meeting with coach Josh McDaniels in his office after Las Vegas lost to the Tennessee Titans last week and dropped to 0-3 after an offseason of high expectations. The fact that Davis, who had just celebrated his WNBA title win in Las Vegas the week before, was rocking an Aces jersey at the game added a layer of ironic intrigue.

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It wasn’t the start that the new regime of the Raiders, McDaniels and general manager Dave Ziegler expected. But there were also glimmers of positivity. Look, the Raiders are the best 0-3 team in the NFL…even if they’re the only 0-3 team in the NFL. And while McDaniels, who is only 5-20 as head coach since starting 6-0 in 2009 and winning press conferences with the Raiders, he needs to start winning games.

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So let’s see why things aren’t as bad as they seem in Silver and Blackdom.

Too many talents on the list

Professional bowlers – from quarterback Derek Carr to running back Josh Jacobs, tight end Darren Waller, wide receiver Hunter Renfroe, defenseman Max Crosby, linebacker Denzel Perryman and player A.J. Cole – were already dotting the roster when the new regime acquired arguably the best. wide receiver in the game Davante Adams and potential future Hall of Famer in sack maker Chandler Jones. So why hasn’t all this talent turned into one or three wins yet?

The low-hanging answer is that the transition period is taking longer than expected. Yet there is some truth in this statement. Yes, the Raiders were a playoff team last season, so the brilliance of a 10-win team with a presumed elite player holding six Super Bowl rings was cause for optimism.

But remember, the Raiders won many of those games by close margins (hence the NFL record for six wins in a game), and this roster had yet to learn a whole new system.

“When you come in and you are attentive and you recognize some of the things that you did negatively that affected the game badly, you have to go back and make these changes and I saw that such a move was made. [Wednesday]” Adams said.

And while McDaniels insists he learned to handle people better during his last tenure as head coach at Denver over a decade ago, you have to wonder if McDaniels is adapting his system to the squad at his disposal or is he insisting on to let the players adapt to his system? In any case, an adaptation period was/needed. For the sake of the raiders, it’s best not to take too long.

Hey, they didn’t explode, right?

True story. You can choose any statistic you want to prove. So let’s imbibe. The Raiders’ closest offense to what was expected comes when you combine the second half of the first half against the Los Angeles Chargers and the first half against the Arizona Cardinals.

In those four quarters, Las Vegas outscored their opponents 36-7. On the other hand, if you combine the second half and overtime of the Cardinals’ game with the first half in Tennessee, the Raiders lost 53–13. Yes.

So what is it? The truth, as in many other things, lies somewhere in the middle. But if you’re wearing silver and black glasses, you can tell with a straight face that the Raiders are three games away from 3-0.

After all, they had a ball with an opportunity to challenge for the winner of the game at the Chargers and were already within shooting range of Daniel Carlson when Renfroe’s ball was caught for a goal play. Cardinals. And Waller’s best hand day (and arguably Carr’s best ball placement) in the end zone allowed the Raiders to beat the Titans, ahem, handily.

“We didn’t win this year. It solves everything. When we started running last year, a lot of things were overlooked because we were winning,” Carr said. “Everyone is upset. I was angry after we lost. Nobody wants to lose, especially the way we lost – 13 points or whatever in three games. This is madness”.

As the Associated Press notes, the Raiders were able to win or draw at the end of every game. Thing is, Carr is just 9-of-21 passes for 112 yards with two fumbles, a touchdown and a failed 2-point conversion pass on those drives with a 75.9 passer rating.

More frustratingly, Carr is just 1-for-7 for 12 yards when he took aim at Adams with a 39.6 rating on those drives. Hey, like Adams said in Nashville, it’s okay to get upset as long as you do something about it. Keep for updates.

Maybe AFC West isn’t the beast we thought.

Look, the Chargers (1-2) are already a walking M*A*S*H* squad, with quarterback Justin Herbert treating injured ribs and defenseman Joey Boz, and Rushon Slater left on injured reserve, the latter is out for season. . The Kansas City Chiefs (2-1) suddenly looked human after losing to the Indianapolis Colts and outlived the Chargers with a 99-yard six. And the Broncos (2-1) should be called Melatonin. Yes, even with Russell Wilson at the helm, the Broncos offense was boring enough to put you to sleep.

“It’s still September and I think all three others [AFC West] teams – and then you rush out there – I can’t imagine there’s even one team in the league that right now is like, “Dude, we’re where we want to be at the end,” McDaniels said.

After Sunday’s victory over Denver, the Raiders are well positioned. Especially with a prime time game in Kansas City next week.

A 2-3 record bye, two division wins, and the confidence and momentum that goes with it definitely make the situation a lot less formidable. And the schedule after the date sets up well. Of course, the Raiders need to win a game first before even talking about a two-game winning streak in the final week. First things first.

However, in the run-up to the AFC season, the West were seen as the strongest division in the league in recent memory, and could possibly wipe themselves out over the course of a 17-game season and cost one or two teams a playoff spot. . By the looks of it, after only three games, no one is ready to run away with the division.