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Devils have 3 goals disallowed, fans litter ice as Maple Leafs snap win streak

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New Jersey Devils fans were unimpressed by the referee after they missed three goals against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday.  (Getty images)
New Jersey Devils fans were unimpressed by the referee after they missed three goals against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday. (Getty images)

Things got ugly in New Jersey on Wednesday.

The New Jersey Devils, aiming for a 14th straight win over the Toronto Maple Leafs in the city on Wednesday, looked set to take the lead in the first period when forward Nathan Bastian redirected the puck past goaltender Matt Murray. The challenge to the ice was not scored due to what the referees saw as interference from the goaltender.

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The Devils asked to reconsider the game, but the situational center stuck to its decision on the ice, stating that Bastian did interfere with Murray and prevent him from playing in his position.

Referee Justin Kea rolled to center court to announce the decision, but he stumbled over his words and mistakenly called it a good goal, then immediately stopped to make the correct call. Fans booed him and the Devils players were stunned that the challenge was not cancelled.

The video quickly went viral as fans wondered if the judges were already drunk ahead of the Thanksgiving weekend. Some have commented that the league may not have wanted the Maple Leafs to lose to the red-hot Devils, while others suggested that Kea messed up the challenge because he knew the Devils’ goodness had to be tolerated.

The NHL explained the call by stating that Bastian had significant presence in the crease, which prevented Matt Murray from making a save in the game.

To make matters worse for the Devils, New Jersey didn’t score another goal in the second period. Forward Thomas Tatar went around the Maple Leafs net and slammed into Murray as the goaltender dribbled the puck over the net, sending him back onto the ice. While he was on the decline, Tatar redirected the puck into an empty net. However, the goal was considered unsuccessful.

Many fans again expressed their dissatisfaction on social media, stating that Tatar’s out-of-sight contact with Murray was accidental and therefore the goal should have been allowed.

Of course, the failures did not stop there, since New Jersey is still another the goal rebounded, this time for a kick.

Honestly, this might be the least controversial call of the evening.

As their historic winning streak came under serious threat with a 2-0 draw in the third period, fans vented their frustration to the officials by throwing everything within reach onto the playing field.

The Leafs held on to a 2-1 win, heartbreakingly snapping the Devils’ 13-game winning streak.


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