Dillon Brooks gets last word with Draymond Green after Grizzlies victory Durant has sprained ankle, will be re-evaluated in three weeks Report: Luka Dončić MRI “clean,” can return when thigh pain subsides Zion Williamson to be re-evaluated in two weeks for hamstring injury Former NBA All-Star Shawn Kemp arrested in connection to drive-by shooting

Who are we kidding, this is not the last word. Dillon Brooks And Draymond Green will continue to exchange shots as long as they are able.

Tensions between the Grizzlies and the Warriors from last year’s playoff series flared again last week when Green was featured in an ESPN profile that included a comparison to Brooks. Needless to say, Brooks did not like this comparison:

“I don’t like Draymond at all. I just don’t like Golden State. I don’t like to have anything to do with them. Draymond talks a lot. A lot of things get out of hand too. His game is great – with Golden State – but if you put him anywhere else, you don’t know who Draymond is. He plays with soul, plays hard, knows all the subtleties of their defense. Maybe that’s why they like it there.

Greene responded on his podcast with virulent verbal criticism of Brooks.

“The dynasty begins after you. Not with you.”

A curse.

The rivalry continued on the court Thursday night as the shorthanded Grizzlies inflicted another 131–110 road loss to the Warriors, and after the game, Brooks had some harsh words for Green.

Green, of course, responded at his press conference:

Brooks could have answered again or simply pointed to the scoreboard.

At least until March 18, when these teams meet again.

Suns fans can exhale – most likely, Phoenix will have to Kevin Duran back to the playoffs.

However, he will be out for at least the next three weeks, the Suns announced.

Reports from Shams Charania from The Athletic And Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN (probably received from the Durant camp) said he would probably be back in three weeks (or less). Three weeks after Thursday, March 30, Durant is due for reevaluation, 10 days before the last day of the NBA regular season.

Durant was scheduled to make his home debut for the Suns on Wednesday when he slipped during warm-up and twisted his ankle. As a result, Durant missed the game.

Durant has averaged 26.7 points and 7.3 assists per game with an incredible 80.8 shooting percentage since joining the Suns. Phoenix is ​​3-0 since he entered the lineup. The Suns are currently No. 4 in the West (hosting the first-round playoff game) and have a three-game lead over the No. 5 seed with 16 games to go.

Duran missed 20 games earlier this season, including the first six games after being traded to Phoenix, due to a knee injury he suffered while still with the Nets.

“I could hardly run… I missed. So it’s kind of weird for me. I really don’t know what it is.”

What Luka Doncic had to say about his sore left hip that forced him to pull out of the loss to the Mavericks on Wednesday night in the third quarter was disturbing. Non-contact injuries can be the most severe. However, his MRI brought good news. reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

There is no timeline for his return yet, but the next few games may be the right time. Kyrie Irving in your fantasy team.

The challenge for the Mavericks is to strike a balance between the need for a fully healthy Doncic in the postseason and the desire to stay in the top six in the West and avoid pitfalls during the game. After the Mavericks’ loss to New Orleans yesterday and the Clippers’ victory over the Raptors… Fred VanVliet there are thoughts about this – the Mavericks dropped to eighth place in the West. However, only half a game separates the Warriors from the fifth seed from the Mavericks at the eighth. And just three games separate the Warriors, at five, from the Jazz, at 13. The West is packed, so the Mavericks need to win games.

At least the Mavericks could bring Doncic back.

will we see Zion Williamson back on the court this season?

Zion has not played since January 2 due to a hamstring strain that worsened while recovering, and the Pelicans announced that he would not play and would be re-examined in two weeks.

This means Zion’s next health update will be released around March 22, just 18 days before the end of the regular season. Whether Zion will be healthy enough to make a meaningful comeback and be part of any Pelicans-led postseason is a matter of debate. At 32-34, the Pelicans are down to 10th in the West, and there are five teams — the Lakers, Pelicans, Trail Blazers, Thunder and Jazz — in play against each other over the last two places.

In 29 healthy games and on the court this season, Zion has played at the All-NBA level — averaging 26 points per game on 60.2% shooting — and the Pelicans were up 8.5 points per 100 possessions. better when he was in the game. court. With him, CJ McCollum And Brandon Ingram healthy, the Pelicans looked like…


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