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Dixon leaves Arenas without pole in Moto2

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Jake Dixon achieved his second pole position in Moto2 in Assen. She took it from Arenas. Very good Alonso López and Navarro. Augusto, in front of Vietti.

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Arón Canet was withdrawn due to problems with his nose. “I went to have it cauterized, but it got worse. I didn’t feel any more pain in my whole life, I got dizzy on the bike,” she said. She bled a lot in the third free practice and had to go home.

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Pedro Acosta also did not compete. They operated on him for the fracture of the left femur and he is already in the recovery phase.

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Conditions were uncertain. She had some rain just before, but it dried up. it was 21 degrees in the atmosphere and 28 on the asphalt. That’s why everyone came out with smooth tires and forced from the start.

in the beginning of la Q1, Aldeguer had a technical problem with the fuel pipe. Luckily, he was able to get back to the box quickly, they fixed it and he came back quickly.

Jorge Navarro took command early. Then, when he was improving, he ran into Barry Baltus who was in his way at the chicane. His anger was tremendous.

As usual, there were different strategies, with some stopping to change tires and others doing the entire session without cutting.

Aldeguer, after his initial setback, was one of those who did not return to the box and rose. Navarro improved twice in a row to allow himself a quiet ending.

Manu González made a final effort with a reward by getting in… at Aldeguer’s expense. Excellent Madrid. Baltus also threw Dalla Porta on the horn. They passed: Navarro, Zaccone, González and Baltus. Aldeguer will start 20th; Ramirez, 22nd; Jeremy Alcoba, 23rd and Álex Toledo, who replaced Gabri Rodrigo, 26th.

In Q2, at the beginning there were moments like Moto3, with several waiting. Navarro pulled the knowledge of the track to take command.

Leader, Vietti, he was going to the ground at turn 3. He had a time set, like sixth, but this made things very difficult for him.

Sam Lowes he put himself first… and got angry with his fellow Treeling.

Augusto stopped in the pits to change tires. He was in need of a good turn to move up mid-board.

Albert Arenas had been improving, was in traffic at the final chicane, but beat Lowes by 20 thousandths. But the first pole of his life had to wait. It was taken from him… by his partner Jake Dixon. for 11 thousandths.

“He has stolen it from me, but I am happy for the team,” said the man from Girona.


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