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Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa (concussion) ruled out for playoff game vs. Bills

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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa remains on the league’s concussion protocol and was ruled out of Sunday’s Super Wild Card Weekend game against the Buffalo Bills, Miami head coach Mike McDaniel announced Wednesday.

“To date, Tua has not been cleared by doctors to resume football activities on the pitch with his teammates, so because of this and because he missed time, I can rule him out on Sunday,” McDaniel said.

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Tagovailoa, who was named to the league on December 26, missed the last two games of Miami’s regular season.

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Tagovailoa’s absence leaves the Dolphins with two options at center: veteran Teddy Bridgewater and rookie Skylar Thompson. With Bridgewater still recovering from a finger injury sustained in the Dolphins’ Week 17 game against the Patriots, McDaniel said the Dolphins are gearing up like Thompson will be their starting lineup on Sunday.

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“The most important thing for him is that he knew he had to be in a position where he had to be fully functional on Sunday, which required some tension and really just some courage and work ethic,” McDaniel said of Bridgewater. “It’s not easy to do and he is currently working on getting ready to be capable on Sunday. on the week.

“As a result, we will be approaching game today, game Wednesday, as Skylar Thompson as our starting quarterback.”

Everything can change in the quarterback by the time Sunday rolls around. Bridgewater could get strong enough to leave, which would improve Miami’s chances of success in a tough game against the Bills, who many believe have a shot at Super Bowl LVII.

For Bridgewater to be back in time for Miami vs. Buffalo, McDaniel said he must not fail in practice. That’s not all.

“He communicates and he needs to be able to break it in time to be able to work with his teammates, but that’s not even his goal,” McDaniel said. “With this timeline, he’s really focused on being able to handle if needed because he knows that on the front line he won’t be able to do that many reps, if any, so that’s what he builds, and the bottom line is in if we” In the Sunday situation, we need him to play, and he says that he can play, about my relationship with him and what he has earned, about the trust that I have in him, if he says, what can play means it can play.”

If Bridgewater can’t play, Thompson will have to lead the Dolphins to victory. So far, Thompson hasn’t proven himself worthy of the confidence that he can do it, completing 57.1 percent of his passes for 534 yards with a 1-3 touchdown to interception ratio and a meager 62.2 passer rating. However, he helped Miami win a low-scoring, hard-fought game against the Jets in Week 18, propelling the Dolphins to the playoffs.

The news about Tagovailoa is disappointing, but not surprising. Tagovailoa has been in and out of the roster with injuries this season, and two concussions have forced the Dolphins to shift focus from getting him back on the field to making sure he’s okay in the long run. .

“I just think about his day and how he will fully recover as a person,” McDaniel said, “and then when it’s time to turn the page, I’ll turn the page, but I’m being too honest.” and principled to the point, and stubborn as all the antics, so if I hear that I have to approach it, I approach it like that, and I do not deviate. all the way through this protocol, and then we can see where the ground lies, so to speak, but other than that, I’m just worried about him.”

McDaniel said Tagovailoa learned that his status was somewhat out of his control, leading to frustration for the quarterback, who was involved in the MVP talk before being forced off the field. It’s clear that Tagovailoa wants to contribute to his team’s efforts to win the Super Bowl, but also knows it would be unwise to rush through any part of the process.

“I would say it’s controversial,” McDaniel said of Tagwailoa’s reaction to the news. “He himself understands that he needs to listen to the advice of doctors and medical professionals, he understands the seriousness of this, so there are some things that he cannot control. You know, he was an incredible part of the whole season, I think our eight wins were the result of him playing quarterback on the team and that didn’t happen because it was just a gift, it was a lot of work and preparation, so it’s very frustrating, like a lot of things in life and football, but it’s very frustrating for him that he can’t go through everything with his teammates.

“And really, his big goal was to get this team to the playoffs and he wants to play in the playoffs. There is nothing more fun than playoff football and he really finds normal football fun so very controversial I would say but understands that it is in his best interest that doctors and medical professionals look for and respects and respects that, that’s it Everybody”.

Instead of dressing up this weekend, Tagovailoa will do his best to support his teammates as a spectator. He’ll hope his fellow dolphins can get the job done without him, at least for now.


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