‘Don’t trust anyone’: The latest on Pac-12 drama as decisions draw near

As the Pac-12 men’s basketball tournament kicks off this week in Las Vegas, the entire league is hoping Commissioner George Klaukoff can give school leaders some clarity on the finances of the upcoming TV deal.

There will be no in-person board meeting in Vegas, but there will be another update for the 10 presidents and chancellors who sit on the Pac-12 board. No final deal is expected, but final details of the final stages of the league’s media talks will be released.

League members yearn for financial clarity as the finances of this deal will ultimately determine the league’s fate.

“It will all come to a head in the next few weeks,” an industry source said. “He’s either going to give them a deal or he’s not.”

There is still optimism for schools in Pac-12, despite the uncertainty, that the league will get some sort of short-term interim deal to recalibrate. For the usually risk-averse presidents who make such decisions, the status quo is always the easiest solution.

Can Klyavkoff strike a financially viable TV deal – with an acceptable balance of streaming and linear TV – to keep the league afloat?


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