Drake lands one of top available players in Kevin Overton

(Photo: Brandon Jenkins, 247Sports)

Kevin Overtona three-star prospect in the 2023 class moved to the Drake Bulldogs, he told 247Sports.

“I would say that it was a real atmosphere and environment. There was a lot of love and I felt it fit well,” Overton said of why he chose Drake. “Usually when you have something that feels comfortable and comfortable throughout the whole process, then it’s probably the right decision, and it was. Also, just the way they play on the floor, there’s a lot of freedom and a lot of opportunities to play offensively and defensively within the team.”

“Then the coaching staff,” he added. “I love the coaching staff. Trainer [Corey] Edwards did a great job hiring me and showing me his love every day and then coaching [Darian] De Vries has a great resume and he’s a great guy. He showed me much more love than many other head coaches.”

Overton made his official visit to Des Moines in January, and while he was on campus, he knew he had found his future home.

“I was there on an official visit and things were different,” Overton said of his visit. “I really liked the environment. It was very cool, I liked my living space, so everything was fine.”

Overton was one of the most promising players left in the class of 2023, and while all the focus was on Portal, Drake’s staff saw a player who could fit in and thrive in their system.

“It’s just more freedom on offense with my style of play, and what I can do on offense and defense is just be a stronger defender,” he said of the pitching to him. “They play with a lot of freedom, a lot of movement and a lot of reading, which I think I’m good at. Since the beginning of high school I have been reading, being smart and playing with other people who are also smart, just fit in, and that’s what they represent to me and I’m going to embrace that.”

What will Overton bring to the program in his own eyes?

“It’s always just an opportunity to score a goal,” he said. “I’m tall, I have a wingspan of 6’11, so I’m protective and I can defend myself, and I’m more athletic than most people. I will always try to play the right thing and do the right thing.”

Overton is 37th overall in combo quarterbacks in the 2023 class and continues to gain momentum for DeVries this season after winning the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament on Sunday, forging his ticket to the 2023 NCAA Tournament.


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