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Dylan Cease deals, White Sox beat Blue Jays in extras

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Sox Watches: Deals Stopped, Harrison Walks Away From Jace originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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It was 96 degrees hot on the first serve Tuesday night, but White socks bats do get warm late in the evening. Trailing the Blue Jays 4-2 and reaching the final out, the Sox rallied to tie on a run and three hits in a row. For a moment it looked like A.J. Pollock had landed the finishing blow, but his liner in center held out long enough for Bradley Zimmer to catch a jump and send the game to the extras. Then, after trading with the Blue Jays on 10th and 11th, Josh Harrison finally sent fans home happy with a walking single on 12th with a 7–6 victory.

Earlier in the day, while the sun was still shining, Dylan Seas found a way to cool the Blue Jays bat. In fact, he almost completely froze them. But the rise in innings forced Cease out of the game after six innings, despite only allowing one hit. When he left, the Blue Jays were able to make contact with the bullpen to take the lead and saddled Cease with no decision. Tomorrow Lucas Giolito will try to top him and the Sox will try to win the series.


There are nights when a guy has things so dirty that no batter can come close to hitting him. It was one of those nights for Dylan Seas. The step that got him there was the slider. Keys started the game with five outs, all swinging and all on that slider. After that, he sent off the next five batters and got two more outs, again, all on sliders. Stop first ran into trouble in the fourth inning when he paced back-to-back batters, but he got out of his predicament with a little help from his friends. First Sebi Zavala caught Beau Bichette trying to steal third place. Danny Mendik then grabbed slow bouncer Alejandro Kirk with his bare hands and shot the former to retire Kirk and keep Cease’s no-hit bet. However, his chance at history ended two innings later in another slow cut. This time around, Tim Anderson failed to field and shoot first on time, while Lourdes Gurriel Jr. reached out on a meek singles infield. In the end, Cease threw in six innings, gave up one hit and struck out 11. And, you guessed it, they all came on sliders.


For the second straight night, base management errors cost the White Sox a run. And for the second night in a row, Tim Anderson has been removed from first base. On Tuesday, Anderson was drafted by catcher Alejandro Kirk in the fifth inning after taking a big second lead. If he was still on the base lanes, there’s a good chance he’d have hit Louis Robert’s double with two batters later. Instead, Robert had to settle for one RBI for driving Danny Mendik. Meanwhile, Mendick made his own baseball run mistake when he rushed home from third base after hitting a grounder on the left side of the infield. Mendik was easily eliminated first of the half. If either of those runs had scored, the White Sox would have won on the first team.


Rookie Davis Martin impressed Tony La Russa this season with what he described as “a big league big deal.” For the most part, La Russa used Martin as a starter or pitcher to eat mid-inning after the first player started the game. But now that Lance Lynn is back and Johnny Cueto has taken Dallas Keschel’s place in the rotation, the White Sox didn’t need Martin in the same role. So, La Russa tested Martin’s composure by having him play in the eighth inning to defend a one-run lead. It will be said in boxing that Martin lost the lead, but there was little he could do about it. After Martin turned in the lead batter, he turned in two singles in the infield and a blunder right over Tim Anderson’s head and suddenly the score was 3-2. The Blue Jays managed to score another run on Jose Ruiz, who was blamed by Martin, but the White Sox were able to rally belatedly to bail him out.

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