Dynasty Fantasy Football Trade Chart: Adding rookie draft picks for 2023 ahead of free agency and the draft

The February update of the Dynasty Trade Chart adds for the first time the full list of newcomers selected in the 1st round of 2023. I also added 2024 round picks and 2023 round 2 and 3 picks. If this feels like the start of the draft season, it should. Dave Richard also added our first Bryce Young profile at the 2023 NFL Draft earlier this week. Expect more draft profiles, rookie rankings, rookie-only layouts, and more in the coming weeks. And don’t forget to bookmark ours. Dynasty landing page so you don’t miss anything.

I also went through some Twitter Polls to determine where I stand compared to the consensus on the value of newbies. Everyone agreed that I was too weak in every choice except the second. You might be wondering how I could be too low at 1.01 when I put him in fifth place overall. Well, that’s only if you haven’t been paying attention to the Bijan Robinson hype.

Robinson may simply be the best running back prospect of this generation, and for now I’ve put him on RB2 between Jonathan Taylor and Brice Hall. But a lot of the feedback I get is that Robinson should be 1.01 in the starting draft, not just in the rookie draft. I can’t imagine him getting ahead of Justin Jefferson or Ja’Marr Chase, but what if he gets a first round pick from a contender who looks ready to use him as a main guard? He will definitely be RB1 coming out of the gate.

Before we get to the real trade chart, remember that this is for leagues with one QB, which award six points for passing touchdowns and one point for receiving. If you’re in a league where you can start with two quarterbacks, then all QBs should be promoted by 20 points, and rookies should be promoted as well. I would have three rookies in my top 20 in Superflex, maybe top 15.

As we get deeper into the lead profiles and get a better idea of ​​where the gaps are, I’ll change some of these values, but one last thing you should remember is that these picks are more valuable for reenactors and less for applicants. Don’t be afraid to pay a little extra if you’re serving the interests of your team. Here is my updated Dynasty trading chart:


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