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Eddie Hearn interested in Cris Cyborg or Holly Holm fight for Katie Taylor next: ‘It’s something different and Katie’s earned the right’

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It’s far from certain, but Eddie Hearn is interested in Katie Taylor dating Holly Holm or Cris Cyborg.

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In April, Taylor defeated Amanda Serrano by split decision, saving her. Ring, WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF lightweight division in the biggest women’s boxing match of all time. The win took Taylor to 21-0 professionally, and since she has no obvious problems left in the boxing world, Hearn says he’s intrigued by a Taylor vs. Holm or Cyborg crossover event.

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“There are two fights that I find really interesting – one with Holly Holm and one with Cris Cyborg,” Hearn said on Monday. Hour of MMA. “Holly Holm is a very good boxer. Cyborg can also box, has tremendous strength, doesn’t quite have Holly Holm’s boxing resume, but these are big cross fights. I think Holly Holm still has a fight with the UFC, which would make it difficult to carry it out. I think Cyborg has an agreement with Bellator, but it doesn’t cover boxing. So just friendly conversations – she was at a show at Madison Square Garden – but no real negotiations. But definitely a fight that I would be interested in for a number of different reasons.

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“Something different and fun. Do you get to the level of Katie Taylor in her career, start watching other fights and think what can you do now? So is it Holly Hill in Vegas or Cyborg in Vegas or something in Dublin?”

Holm is an accomplished boxer in her own right, having been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame earlier this month, and The Preacher’s Daughter remains interested in returning to the square for a Taylor fight.

But Holm still has a contract with the UFC, which Hearn says makes it hard to get this fight going.

Cyborg is allowed to hold boxing matches, although he still has a contract with Bellator. Over the weekend, rumors began circulating that a fight between Taylor and Cyborg was being prepared. Hearn said the rumors are premature, but he admitted that some preliminary talk of a possible fight has taken place and he believes the fight could be a big deal for Taylor and women’s boxing.

“I can tell there is a possibility,” Hearn said. “I think it’s interesting. She kind of did everything in boxing to bring women’s boxing to a new market. What I don’t like about fighting Cyborg is that she’s big and strong. Katy will have to get up. She’s going to have to fight over 140, which she really can’t, but Cyborg has a huge problem with Taylor because — she doesn’t mind, but in terms of the fight itself, you’re talking pound for… pound great. Kathy is in trouble because of Cyborg’s power. That’s what makes this fight interesting. … In the evening she will be 20 pounds heavier or close to it. [of the fight].

“I just think it’s something different and Katie has earned the right. This is not an exhibition, we are not just joking. These are dangerous women and it just brings new fans to the sport.”

Of course, another big fight for Taylor at the moment would be a rematch with Serrano. Many felt that given the scale and closeness of their first meeting, a rematch was inevitable. Hearn himself said that this was the fight they were most interested in, but reported that Serrano’s team had passed.

“Amanda Serrano didn’t want the fight,” Hearn said. “As we were told, there was no money that would allow her to participate in this fight this time. Particularly, probably because the fight was scheduled, and what we would like to do is in Dublin. We went to Nakisu [Bidarian, Serrano’s manager along with Jake Paul] and said we want to have a rematch. She said, “No, we are not very interested. She will have one more fight on Jake’s card. We said there’s a lot of money in the rematch [and she said]even if you offered – they gave us a number that I think was twice as much as in the first fight – we still wouldn’t agree.

“So it’s disappointing, but I think they probably feel like if they lose again, it could be a career in the balance. While they can go out, fight on the Jake Paul card and maybe watch a rematch next year. Disappointing because it was just epic and we would love to do it again.”

So for now, Hearn is focused on new and exciting challenges for the best boxer in the world, regardless of weight class, including fighting MMA royalty.

But at some point in the future, he does believe that a rematch between Taylor and Serrano will still happen.

“I think one day we will see a rematch because you get to the point where they put the fight on the Jake Paul card and then they say, ‘I just can’t earn 30 percent of what I can earn against. Kathy Taylor, so let’s just have a rematch.” Hopefully we can get there.”


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