Ekeler’s Edge at Super Bowl LVII: Stefon Diggs, Justin Fields & Myles Garrett

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Los Angeles Chargers RB Austin Eckeler joins Radio Row’s Matt Harmon in Phoenix, Arizona ahead of Super Bowl 57 in the season finale Edge of Ekeler.

The boys spend some time catching up, including Austin talking about the Chargers’ heartbreaking playoff loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars and getting a new offensive coordinator in Kellen Moore, and discussing his plans for the offseason.

After that, the guys sit down at a table with Buffalo Bills WR’s Stephon Diggs to talk about possibly the most talented quarterback we’ve ever seen in the NFL before they talk to Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields about the improvements his team is trying to make. do. off-season.

The show concludes with Matt and Austin talking to Cleveland Browns pass rusher Miles Garrett about his dog and his thoughts on possible rule changes that could happen in the NFL.

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