So, are you thinking about trying fantasy football?

You have heard about fantasy football for a long time. Your friends, family and colleagues play it every fall – and they seem to love it. Now you are thinking about giving him a chance. That’s why you should do it.

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It’s fun!

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Even if you know very little about football, you can play and have a great time. While the ultimate goal may be to win a championship, enjoying the companionship of friends, family, and colleagues is what really draws everyone in every season.

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On top of that, when you start playing for your own players and against players from the opposing team every week, you will find a new way to enjoy watching NFL games. All of a sudden, that Thursday night football game between two bad teams has some meaning to you, because you want your players to succeed and your opponent to fail.

It can be easy or hard – your choice

When you watch any of our experts on TV or read some of their columns, it’s clear that some people take fantasy football as seriously as NFL general managers take the real game.

The good news is that the experts do all the hard work to make life easier for newbies like you.

If you want to put on your GM hat and obsessively compete against the best of the best, dig in and enjoy. But you can also put together a team and play with minimal effort on your part.

With that in mind, we’ve put together Sportzshala Fantasy Football 101 to give you an overview of where to start, how to prepare for the draft, and how to play through the season.

Now it’s time to sign up and join the fun!


How to sign up for the Sportzshala Fantasy App

Have you been invited to the Sportzshala fantasy football league? Do you want to create your own league as a manager? We have full instructions for you right here.

How to register online

Whether you’ve been invited to join an existing league or want to create your own as a league manager, you’ll find everything you need right here.

League settings

If you’ve created your own league, you’ll need to make sure that all of your league’s rules and settings, including roster size, points scored, regular season schedule, and playoff schedule, are to your liking. We have all the details on how to do it right here.

You signed up, what’s next?

Check your league and team pages

It’s time to get your bearings by looking at your league and team pages so you know where everything is. We have prepared a detailed tour for you right here.

Know Your Rules

It may sound incredibly simple, but even seasoned fantasy football players forget to double-check their league rules. The result of a sloppy rule can be terrible, not only for your team’s success, but even for just having fun during your fantasy season.

Go to your fantasy football league page, click “League”, then “Settings”. Here you will be able to get acquainted with each rule in force in your league for this season. This includes lineup building, scoring rules, scheduling, playoff structure, and more.

Go over each section with a fine-toothed comb. To make sure you understand the essence of each rule, check out our league settings overview.

Project preparation

A good draft will help you have a successful season, and the main thing is to prepare in advance. This includes printing out ratings that reflect your format – e.g. PPR (Score Per Acceptance), non-PPR – and looking at various drafting strategies.

Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with ratings, cheat sheets and drafting strategies courtesy of our experts in the Sportzshala Fantasy Football Draft Kit, which will be available soon.

Preparing for an autodraft

If you don’t plan to enter the live draft, that’s okay. Our system will automatically make a draft for you.

However, you have the option to specify how our system will recruit your team. Go to your team’s page and click “Edit auto-pick strategy”. Here you can decide which player positions you want to pick in which places in the draft and how many players in each position you want to pick in total.

Imitation drafts

Test sketches are just practice sketches that don’t affect anything. It’s a great way to get used to our draft software, make sure you know how things work, and test out different strategies. Perhaps most importantly, dummy sketches allow you to make mistakes right now, so you won’t make them when they count into your real sketch. Practice makes perfect.

To see how things work in the Sportzshala draft room, click here.


Draft Day is the most exciting day of the season because it’s time to build your team. If you’ve prepared for the draft by familiarizing yourself with the players and strategy, and by participating in a few trial drafts, you’re ready. Take a deep breath and relax. Do you have that.

To make everything go as smoothly as possible, be sure to follow these handy rules.

The season is on, let the fun begin!


How many times have you questioned trades made by your favorite NFL team because you thought you could do the job better than their general manager? Well, this is your chance to prove yourself. Fantasy trading is not only a great way to improve your squad, it’s also a lot of fun and gives you the opportunity to get to know your fellow managers better while exchanging trade offers.

For detailed information on how to make trades, click here.

Fantasy football etiquette

This section could also be called “Don’t be that guy/girl.” Whether you are in a hyper competitive league or you just want to have fun, you want to be a responsible fantasy football manager. Generally speaking, it simply means following the golden rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated in your league. With that in mind, be sure to follow these basic fantasy football etiquette rules.

Fantasy football glossary