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ESPN’s Bobby Marks, Tim Bontemps question the wisdom of a Jaylen Brown-Kevin Durant trade for Celtics

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While the potential trade rumbles Boston Celtics star wing Jaylen Brown to the Brooklyn Nets for seasoned superstar swingman Kevin Duran seem to have stalled if they ever had any traction to speak of, the debate is ongoing and few supporters seem to be coming out of the tree suggesting such a deal would make sense for Boston.

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With Brown playing as the Celtics’ best player in the 2022 NAB Finals at just 22 years old, has a relatively solid injury history and a seeming connection to the city of the team that drafted him, and is highly popular with that team’s fans, take a chance. everything for a player with a relatively advanced age and injury history is increasingly being scrutinized.

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“Why did the Boston team, which was two wins away from victory, change two key components of their roster? Is Duran too tempting to pass up if you play for the Celtics? Marx asked.

“This is the main question, Bobby, which I discussed with our colleague Zach Low for over an hour on his podcast on the Monday night following Adrian’s keynote,” Bontemps replied.

“And while I’m probably in the minority on this one, I wouldn’t trade the way you set out if I were Brad Stevens and ran the Boston front office.”

“Obviously Durant is the greatest player of all time and clearly better than Brown right now,” the ESPN analyst continued.

“But the Celtics built the strongest team in the NBA, especially after Malcolm Brogdon this summer from Indiana Pacers. Boston formed a roster consisting of a pair of young, dynamic two-way players in Brown and Jason Tatum, and he has the best defense I’ve seen in ten years covering the NBA. A trade for Durant would mean a fundamental change in the team and the way they play.”

A lot of people would look at that and say “sign me up!” I completely understand why,” Bontemps added. “But to me, you only make that trade if it moves you from one level to another when discussing the team’s chances of winning the championship.”

“I don’t think that would be the case for the Celtics,” he finished.

And truth be told, we here at Celtics Wire are very much inclined to agree.

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The story originally appeared on the Celtics Wire channel.


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