NEW HAVEN, Connecticut. This weekend, the National Preschool Show showcased the best graduate programs in the country for the unofficial opening of the preschool season.

For the vast majority of the 20 potential clients present in the national rankings, this was the first competitive situation we had to assess since July. This made it possible to both follow their growth and watch them sometimes in a completely different context than what we saw during the mass season.

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After yesterday’s analysis of the top prospects in the class of 2023, here’s a look at how the top prospects in 2024 and 2025 fared.

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When ten6-4, SG, Bradford Christian (MA), Uncommitted, #36 in the Class of 2024
23 points (8-16 FG, 3-7 3 points, 4-5 FT), 6 SR (1 offense), 6 SR, 3 PB, 2 PB, 3 STL in 34 minutes (96-77 wins over First Love)
21 points (8-26 field, 3-14 3 points, 2-2 feet), 7 rebounds (4 offensive), 2 AST, 1 loss in 34 minutes (88-76 loss to IMG Academy)
He was at his best on Saturday night, showing versatility in his individual offense as well as some newfound ability to create for those around him. Sunday was less effective as he struggled to make shots and didn’t create as much for others. Overall, he is an aggressive scoring defender and a versatile threat who can shoot from deep and stop quickly in mid-range for both pull-ups and floaters. He is not necessarily a high-flying athlete, but he has very good size and strength in the backcourt. He can be devastating defensively and is also a good rebounding defender. While he has the luxury of developing with complete freedom and confidence, adapting to the next level will be about adapting to less volume while learning some of the nuances of pick and roll and other ways to use his size and strength to apply pressure. rim.

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Tyler Betsy6-8, San Francisco, St. Thomas More (CT), Uncommitted, #68 in class in 2024
17 points (6-12 FG, 2-5 3 points, 3-3 FT), 5 rebounds, 2 ac and 1 up in 32 minutes (97-79 loss to Hargrave Military)
17 points (8-21 field, 1-8 3 points, 0-2 feet), 7 rebounds (2 offensive), 2 AST, 1 ball in 29 minutes (78-65 win over Massanutten)
This summer, Betsy saw his national stock skyrocket as his combination of size, flexibility and shooting began to emerge with great speed. He now appears to be developing additional weapons as he showed off some newfound playability this weekend. He is still in the early stages of developing his creativity, but he is agile, if not always long, from the rebound. He’s not too polished as a finisher yet, but he has good ring hands, a soft touch to some runners, and a brilliant turnaround into a short pull-up on one hold. Overall, he hasn’t progressed as far as others in the class, but his clean tools and the speed at which he develops may allow him to have the highest potential for growth if he can put all the pieces together.

Kayvon Mulready6-4, SG, Worcester Academy (MA), Uncommitted, #77 in class of 2024
23 points (7-16 FG, 0-3 3 points, 9-11 FT), 11 rebounds (4 offensive), 4 ace, 3 losses, 2 blacks, 2 sts in 32 minutes (defeated Mount Zion 86-82 )
Mulready is the ultimate warrior, able to prove himself in many aspects of the game. First, he is practically out of position, as he showed this summer. He can go from a big combo defender to a small ball four and defend every point in between. It is exceptionally powerful, especially in the lower body, and just as solid. There may not have been a better rebounder on the field pound for pound. Shooting and ball skills need to continue to develop, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play without rebounding as he goes down and makes contact and gets people in his way. While skill, polish, and nuance will have to come up all the time, everything about his mentality and approach makes you bet on him long term.

Malachi Palmer6-5, SG, Mt.Zion Prep (MD), Uncommitted, #79 in Class of 2024
13 points (6-14 FG, 1-6 3 points, 0-0 FT), 5 rebounds (2 offensive), 3 AST, 3 losses, 2 TL in 38 minutes (73-70 wins over Cushing)
29 points (11-23 FG, 2-4 3 points, 5-5 FT), 8 rebounds (0 attacks), 4 AST, 2 losses, 2 TL in 39 minutes (86-82 loss to Worcester)
Palmer had one of the best individual games of the weekend on Sunday morning when he showed the full extent of his individual offense. A powerful guard with the same size and strength, it is great for pulling up. But while he has a pretty heavy mid-range style, his overall effectiveness tends to be in the right direction as he expands his range, starts to show improved passer sense, and makes better decisions with his overall shot selection. His body type and defensive approach looked like it could be done, while he was also a very active perimeter rebounder.

James Moore6-8, PF, Mt Zion Prep (MD), Uncommitted, #109 in Class of 2024
7 points (3-6 field goals, 1-3 3 points, 0-2 feet), 3 rebounds, 2 blocks in 16 minutes (73-70 wins over Cushing)
9 points (3-5 field, 1-2 3 points, 2-2 feet), 3 rebounds (2 offensive), 1 AST, 1 block in 4* minutes (86-82 loss to Worcester)
Moore emerged at an early age thanks to his agility, explosive jumps, and wiry body type. These physical tools caught the eye at first sight and allowed him to stand out among the first graders. Now it’s about making the best use of those physical abilities to influence the game in every possible way, while simultaneously developing his skill set without becoming ineffective in the process. You have all the tools to be an active and versatile defender, rebounder, edge-runner and finisher. Embracing this identity in the first place is the key to securing one’s place in the national class.

George Turkson6–7, PF, Bradford Christian (MA), Uncommitted, #133 in the Class of 2024
15 points (6-8 field, 1-1 3 points, 2-2 feet), 5 rebounds (2 offensive), 1 loss, 2 TL in 25 minutes (96-77 win over First Love)
14 points (5-11 FG, 0-2 3 points, 4-6 FT), 11 rebounds (7 attacks), 2 ace, 1 loss, 3 blacks, 1 st in 35 minutes (lost to IMG Academy 88-76)
Turkson’s value lies in his motor skills, athleticism, defense and rebounding. In fact, he is that rare player who can change the game without needing a huge number of touches or points. Despite the fact that he had a broken leg, this weekend it was. At the same time, he showed some improvement in his shooting range, with noticeably cleaner mechanics both at the free throw line and even from behind the arc when he had space and rhythm.

Joson Sanon6-5, SF, Vermont Academy (VT), Uncommitted, #39 in Class of 2025
22 points (10-14 FG, 2-4 3 points), 4 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 block in 30 minutes (72-39 wins over Massanutten Military)
17 of the sophomore’s 22 points came in the decisive second half. What was particularly striking was the combination of efficiency and versatility he displayed in his individual offense as he knocked down triples, mid-range pull-ups, and compound shots with both hands. All in all, it was a brilliant performance by one of the youngest players on the pitch.