Ex-UFC champ Cain Velasquez allowed to partake in pro wrestling event while awaiting attempted murder trial


Former UFC champion Cain Velasquez will be allowed to work as a professional wrestler while awaiting trial on a range of charges, including attempted murder. according to MMA Junkie.

Santa Clara County Judge Arthur Bocanegra reportedly ruled on Tuesday that Velasquez would be allowed to travel to Tempe, Arizona by plane next month for an event hosted by professional wrestling promotion Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide.

Velazquez, who pleaded not guilty to the chargeshas been released on $1 million bail since it was granted earlier this month, but with orders for home confinement, GPS monitoring and outpatient counseling, and to stay away from his alleged victims.

He will reportedly be allowed to opt out of GPS monitoring when he travels to Arizona, but with an order to hire a police officer for the job and cover the costs. According to the approved plan, Velasquez will leave California on December 1 and return on December 4.

The Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide event is scheduled for Dec. 3 at the Mullett Arena in Velasquez’s alma mater at Arizona State University. Velasquez, who held the UFC heavyweight belt twice from 2010 to 2015, previously worked for the promotion, first after retiring from MMA in 2019 and then returning in 2021 after working for WWE.

Cain Velasquez charged with shooting alleged molester

According to MMA Junkie, Velasquez currently faces seven charges, including attempted murder, assault, and possession of a weapon.

The allegations stem from an incident in February in which Velasquez allegedly fired multiple shots during an 11-mile car chase involving 43-year-old Harry Eugene Gularte, who was alleged to have molested the fighter’s young child.

According to police, Velsaquez fired a .40 caliber handgun at the car in which Goulart, his mother Patricia Goulart and stepfather Paul Bender were inside. The bullet allegedly hit Bender in the arm and torso. Bender survived his wounds.

SAN JOSE, CA - NOVEMBER 21: Cain Velasquez (right) appears in court, along with attorney Edward Souza, who appeared with him, at the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice on Monday, November 21, 2022, in San Jose, California.  Velasquez, a former UFC champion from San Jose, has been charged with shooting a man accused of molesting his child.  (Photo by Dai Sugano/Pool Photo/MediaNews Group/Bay Area News Group via Getty Images)
Cain Velasquez is awaiting trial on serious charges but will continue to work as a professional wrestler for now. (Photo by Dai Sugano/Pool Photo/MediaNews Group/Bay Area News Group via Getty Images)

Velasquez was arrested shortly after the incident and remained in prison for eight months along with Judge Shelina Brown. Velasquez denied bail on three separate occasions. Bocanegra came to a different conclusion, acknowledging Velázquez’s lack of a criminal record and connection to his family.

The circumstances of the incident led to widespread support for Velasquez in the multi-member MMA community. attendance at Velasquez’s bail hearing or a letter in support of his release.

Source: sports.yahoo.com