EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Get ESPN+ 2023 NFL draft: Scouts on Anthony Richardson’s strengths, flaws, team fits

Perhaps there is no more controversial prospect in the entire 2023 NFL Draft class than a Florida quarterback. Anthony Richardson.

Evaluators are in awe of his double threat ability, his superior size at 6’4″ and 232 pounds, and how he can beat you with the best hand in the draft class. And they will talk about his sky-high ceiling, comparing him to Josh Allen and Cam Newton. In terms of physicality, he could have been the most talented player on the board this April after he announced the draft after his second season in the red jersey.

But Richardson is not the first pick in the 2023 draft, and he could even be fourth. defender off the board. Why? Many scouts see the positives but are concerned about his inconsistent scoring in just one full season as a starter and severe accuracy problems. Richardson completed 54.7% of his career passes with 24 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions.

That means there’s a lot of risk for a team looking to get their future franchise quarterback in the first round, which is what makes Richardson such a difficult pre-draft evaluation. How do you balance potential with disadvantages? I spoke to over a dozen scouts, executives and coaches from across the NFL to get a feel for where Richardson is shaping up right now, why he’s so hard to get on the roster, how he can succeed in the league and what’s next. for a super intriguing perspective as we prepare for the combine.

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Why are scouts excited about Richardson?


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