EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Get ESPN+ 2023 NFL free agency grades: Signings, trades, latest deals

With more free agents in the 2023 NFL next week — the negotiation window begins Monday at noon ET — Sportzshala sports analytics writer Seth Walder evaluates every major NFL signing and deal in the off-season. That includes a huge deal on Friday night for the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

To determine each estimate, Walder evaluates transitions based on a variety of factors, including field impact, salary cap impact, draft compensation, player value/age, and the context of the team’s short and long term prospects. How big is the effect of this decision, and how sure are we if it’s a good choice or a bad one? How will this affect the team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl this season or in the future? General managers running transactions don’t have the luxury of seeing all of this happening, so neither should we.

We’ll also have NFL draft analysts Matt Miller and Jordan Reid review the most important moves from a draft standpoint. What do the top deals mean for this team’s first-round prediction for April, and how do they affect where the best prospects can be picked? Taking into account the needs of the team, the importance of positions on the draft boards, and what they hear from all over the NFL, they figure out what it all means.

See how our experts rate and rate each action, with the most recent ratings at the top.

The Texans signed WR Robert Woods


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