EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Get ESPN+ 2023 NFL mock draft: Todd McShay’s first-round pick predictions

It’s official: The 2022 NFL season is over and the off-season has begun. And that means we’re getting closer and closer to the 2023 NFL Draft. The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night in Super Bowl LVII to claim their second championship in four years. Will another team find their Patrick Mahomes in this year’s draft class and lift the Lombardi Trophy soon? Which franchises will take the next step by making sly moves and smart draft picks to compete against the Chiefs next season? These years draft class includes many upcoming NFL stars who can make an immediate impact.

With the merger two weeks away and free agency due in a month, I’m going over the first round of the draft again with predictions for each pick. I have four quarterbacks out on the first day, and I even planned for the team to trade to take first place overall. Things are definitely going to change a lot in the next two-plus months, but we’re starting to get a better idea of ​​what this class looks like and who could be the trailblazer. Five teams have no choice in the first round, including the Miami Dolphins, who were disqualified for rigging violations. There are only 31 choices left.

Here’s my current prediction of how the first round will play out, including the promotion of a franchise in need of QB. (And be sure to check out our SportsCenter Draft Trial on Wednesday at 5:00 pm ET on Sportzshala2.)


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