EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Get ESPN+ Derek Carr best fits: NFL teams that could sign QB in free agency

Derek Carr could be the first quarterback to hit this offseason. His release from the Raiders in mid-February left him a street free agent who could sign with any team at any time. The release allows him to make a leap in the market and negotiate/sign with teams before looming free agents like Jimmy Garoppolo, Daniel Jones and Jacoby Brisset have a chance to do so.

Which is great for Carr because right now there is a lot of teams that need quarterback help. Teams in New York, Indianapolis…hell, the entire NFC South will be looking for free agents, a draft and every other possible option to find a starting quarterback for 2023.

So where should he go? Well, I’m glad you asked. Below is a list of potential destinations with pros and cons, and – I PROMISE – in no particular order. In addition to the actual wage caps for each team, we also came up with an idea of ​​what kind of deal Carr could get in the current market:

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Jets | Panthers | Texans
Saints | Bucks | Falcons | Colts
Commanders | 49ers | Titans


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