Okay, Week 3, you had a few tricks up your sleeve, didn’t you?

You beat the Bills, which no one seemed to be able to do, and now we have to wonder if they will really play from behind this year in their division.

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You defeated the Chiefs, who looked like world champions in the first week, but in the end, could have some legitimate concerns about this attack after Tyreke Hill.

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You told us about a matchup between two of the best quarterbacks of all time, a matchup that ended 14-12 and was decided by a two-point conversion. The Packers are winning with defense and special teams as the offense tries to unite around Aaron Rodgers. Just like they said they would.

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Week 3 somehow made the Bears 2-1 and the Raiders went 0-3. That gave us good reason to worry about the Saints, who in some circles were preseason darlings, and wonder if this could really be Mike Tomlin’s first losing season as head coach of the Steelers. This made us once again look in awe at Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts and even a little… Jacoby Brisset?

Yes, the third week was good for overreaction, that’s for sure. And the Cowboys haven’t even played yet!

Here’s an example of what we’ve seen and how we feel about it as week 3 comes to an end.