EXCLUSIVE CONTENT Get ESPN+ NFL overhaul tiers: Stacking all 32 teams from contenders to rebuilds

Now that the 2022 NFL season is over, we’re looking ahead and seeing how much work each franchise has to do this offseason – and possibly beyond. Which teams should take it all down and regroup? Who Should Use the New Approach to Move to Challenger Status? What can be in the mix after one or two tricky moves? And which ones are already moving in the right direction and could be at the top of the league sooner rather than later?

To better understand how the league is doing right now, we’ve tiered all 32 teams based on their current trajectory, from undisputed perennial rivals to completely rebuilt teams. And for each club, we have taken a close look at the current state of the franchise and what needs to be done in the coming months. We’ll start with the five teams that are on cruise control of the NFL. (Note: The commands are organized alphabetically within each level, and the maximum space is determined by Over The Cap.)

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Still top contenders
Need a break after the season
On a right way
In a convenient location despite a losing season
Stuck in Purgatory QB
Time to reassess the state of the franchise
New coach, new direction?
Overhaul in progress



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