A tumultuous off-season filled with surprise deals rocked lineups from coast to coast. The rosters of both Super Bowl entrants have lost some key elements; consequently, neither the world champion Los Angeles Rams nor the AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals are ranked number one in Pro Football Focus’s annual 2022 squad rankings.

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What place do rams and bengals occupy? Which team came out on top? Which teams are ready to attack, and which ones seem to fade into the background?

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After the 2022 draft and free agents, we break down each team’s roster using PFF database, with an eye to the intended launch. We looked at both the PFF scores for the 2021 season – the number included for each predicted starting player – and a more comprehensive assessment of each player’s career using both PFF scores and statistics.

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    Pro Football Focus scores of 90+ are considered elite, 80-89.9 are good/high, 70-79.9 are average, and 69.9 and below are considered below average.

  • For rookies and players not active (or inactive) in 2021, we used college or NFL scores from previous seasons. NFL valuations from 2020 or earlier marked with icon

2021 college grades are marked with (**) and 2020 or earlier college grades are marked with (***).

Here’s how the 32 squads stack up ahead of this season, with each squad’s biggest strengths, weaknesses, and X factors.
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1. Buffalo Bills Biggest Power:

The only two quarterbacks with a higher PFF rating than Josh Allen in the last two seasons are Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Physical tools were always there, but Allen managed to add the precision that was lacking in his first few years in the league. Allen’s development is the main reason the Bills enter the 2022 season as Super Bowl favorites, though general manager Brandon Bean and the rest of that front office deserve credit for building a full roster. Biggest Weakness:

The right side of the Buffalo offensive line has some potential thanks to Ryan Bates and Spencer Brown, but neither of them has a lot of experience. Bates had a 64.4 PFF rating in five starts as a left back in 2021 – his first season with over 100 offensive snaps – and Brown finished his rookie season last year with a pass-blocking rating of 59.3 PFF out of 846 snaps. in attack. Accounts are betting that the two grow together on the right side, but that could be a weak point. X factor for 2022: