We all love top lists, but what if people in the NFL created their own? Ahead of the 2022 NFL season, we polled over 50 league leaders, coaches, scouts and players to compile a list of the top 10 players in 11 different positions, from wing rushers to inside offensive linemen. This is the third edition of this ranking and there are several players who have moved up or down from last year’s lists. Today we will focus on wide receivers.

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Here’s how our process worked: voters provided us with their top 10 players for positions, then we aggregated the results and ranked candidates based on top 10 votes, cumulative average, hundreds of interviews, research, and Sportzshala NFL movie research assistance. analyst Matt Bowen. In total, more than 50 voters voted for at least one position, and in many cases for all positions. We had a few draws, so we broke them up with an additional vote and calls with our rankers. Each section is filled with quotes and nuggets from voters about every guy – even honorable mentions.

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The goal is to identify the best players for 2022 right now. This is not a five-year forecast or an achievement award. Who are the best players today? Pretty simple.

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We will roll out the position per day for 11 days. Here’s the schedule: cornerbacks (July 5), defensemen (July 6), linebackers without the ball (July 7), cornerbacks (July 8), safety (July 9), inside offensive linemen (July 10), quarterbacks (July). 11), running backs (July 12), wide receivers (July 13), tight ends (July 14), and offensive tackles (July 15).

Putting a loaded receiver landscape in the top 10 is an almost impossible task. The explosion of 7-on-7 football at youth level accelerated the rise of the position. From high school to college, pass catchers enter the NFL ready to go. The number of passers is steadily growing in almost all categories.

Most teams have at least one hit receiver. In most NFL drafts, a dozen or more potentially elite players are selected in the first two rounds. Catching 100 passes is not an anomaly, but rather an expectation from a top player. Complicating matters is the rise of several players who either didn’t qualify last year or were too young to do so.

Let’s take a look at some of the best receivers of the game, compiled by NFL executives, coaches, scouts and players.