Eye tests, résumés and Joe Lunardi’s expert analysis of every March Madness team

Sportzshala regular bracketist Joe Lunardi has spent months speculating about what the 2023 NCAA bracket could look like. Now that the matches are decided, he can consider how the field of 68 will play out.

Joey Brackets and his team have spent hours since the bracket was released going through each of the 68 teams’ resumes, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and the only thing that could allow them to survive and move forward – or see their way to Houston for the championship. The 2023 Final Four is drawing to a close. Included is where each team’s journey will end, as well as “eye check” ranks and predictable and unpredictable elements each team may encounter.

Teams are organized by region in the order in which the grid is laid out for ease of filling in the grid. Choose wisely using all the information provided here. And, as Joey Brackets would say, Happy Hoops!

Follow this link for NCAA Men’s Tournament 2023 Printable Drawand follow this link to complete male brace. You can find more than Jay Bilas’ 5 Minute Bracket here.



No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide


In Nate Oates’ fourth season as coach, Alabama is the favorite for the national title. Crimson Tide features phenomenal freshman Brandon Miller and has the depth, length and skill to reach the Final Four for the first time in program history. Alabama is the second-fastest player in the nation, has a top-five defense, and is scoring over a third of points from the arc.


Miller’s alleged involvement in the fatal shooting near campus and the university’s handling of the situation caused controversy during the Tuscaloosa season. Tide’s numbers have stabilized in recent weeks, and a team relying on three-point shots – 47.4% of field goals – could be in danger if that touch turns cold. Turnover has also been a problem at times.

— Brian Mull

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