F1 2023: All 10 liveries in full

Check out the liveries of all 10 teams ahead of the new F1 season.

Red Bull

Car name: RB19

Red Bull’s livery hasn’t changed from its dominant 2022 season, but if it’s not broken, why fix it? The team returned to the championship form in the iconic form, which they used for several seasons. But it won’t be the same in 2023 – Red Bull will use a fan-designed livery for three U.S. races this year.


Car name: SF-23

Ferrari made some small but effective changes to its livery this year, putting its name in white on a black rear fender and adding a few more black stripes around the chassis. Ferrari also claims that the red color is “completely new” thanks to a new hue mixed by Ferrari Design, which will also appear as a glossy paint job on the 499P hypercar running in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Car name: W14

Mercedes’ return to all-black has made headlines, and it’s certainly one of the brightest cars on the grid. While this was a case of Mercedes giving the fans what they wanted, the team also stripped off a lot of the paint to keep the weight down as efficiently as possible. The two cars will also have a distinct difference: Lewis Hamilton’s plate will be yellow and George Russell’s will be green.


Car name: A523

As with last year, Alpine will run a pink car for the first three races of 2023 before returning to their regular blue and pink car for the rest of the season.


Car name: MCL60

The name of the McLaren car is associated with the team’s 60th anniversary, and its livery features the iconic papaya color that is synonymous with the company’s racing cars. The McLaren car ended 2022 with a lot of paint stripped from the car to save weight, and this year’s release continues that theme.

Alfa Romeo

Car name: C43

Perhaps the new grid’s standout livery, Alfa Romeo went all out on the last car it would use in F1 before canceling the Sauber team’s title sponsorship. Although this is another car with a lot of black for weight saving reasons, Alfa blended it perfectly with red – the rear of the rear fender is still painted in the colors of the Italian flag.

Aston Martin

Vehicle name:AMR23

At first glance, Aston Martin’s livery hasn’t changed completely, although the team has slightly tweaked the shade of green on this year’s car.


Car name: VF-23

To continue with the year’s theme, Haas removed most of the paintwork and reverted to the color scheme used prior to the Uralkali partnership, when the car was painted in the colors of the Russian flag in 2021 and 2022. new title partnership with MoneyGram with big red flashes on the car.


Car Name: AT04

The AlphaTauri car has changed slightly, although the overall color scheme has remained the same. The team changed the colors – the bull logo on the engine cover is now blue instead of white as in 2022 – and the team made the side of the car predominantly blue. Thanks to new sponsor Orlen, red spots flare around it, and the front of the car looks significantly different, with a blue front bumper replaced by a white nose.


Vehicle name: FW45

Despite rumors of a major overhaul celebrating the team’s new partnership with Gulf, Williams is sticking to its latest shade of blue for 2023. Clever use of Duracell’s airbox sponsorship is something that has been on the car for several races. last year is a standout feature and a smart way to highlight a teammate.


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