The FIA ​​will not publish the results of its 2021 Formula One budget review until Monday.

Last year’s cap has become the sport’s biggest talking point as rumors that Red Bull and Aston Martin topped the $140 million limit last year gain momentum ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix.

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The FIA ​​was supposed to issue certificates of compliance to the teams that adhered to the budget cap on Wednesday, but they pushed back that deadline due to the complexity of the audit.

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This means that the debate will continue until the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend.

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If a team is found to have indeed overspent last year, the FIA ​​will begin the process of determining a sanction, which can range from a financial penalty to, in the most extreme cases, exclusion or suspension from the World Championship.

Since the budget cap was introduced last year, this would be unprecedented territory for the FIA ​​in terms of imposing a penalty.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the championship last year and could take his second title at Suzuka this weekend.

In a statement released on Wednesday, it said: “The FIA ​​advises that the completion of the analysis of the financial documents of the Formula 1 teams for 2021 and the subsequent issuance of certificates of compliance with the Financial Regulations will not take place on Wednesday, October 5th.

“The review of financial documents is a lengthy and complex process that is ongoing and will be completed to allow the issuance of certificates on Monday 10 October. Managing the FIA’s cost cap during this first year in accordance with the Financial Regulations.”

The FIA ​​also clarified that members of other teams should not have any knowledge of rival teams’ audits – Mercedes boss Toto Wolff angered Red Bull’s Christian Horner when he suggested that one team vastly overspent the “open secret” last year.

“As previously reported, there has been significant and unsubstantiated speculation and speculation regarding this matter and the FIA ​​reiterates that no further information will be provided until it is finalized. The FIA ​​also reiterates that any suggestion that FIA personnel have disclosed the information is equally unfounded.”