F1 CEO: Andretti comments were ‘not smart’

Formula One CEO Stefano Domenicali has issued a warning to potential F1 team owner Michael Andretti, saying some of his recent media comments were “unintelligent”.

Andretti has joined forces with US carmaker Cadillac in hopes of launching a new F1 team in 2026, but the project is subject to a rigorous application process that requires approval from both the FIA ​​and F1.

The Andretti/Cadillac proposal initially received the backing of FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, but there has been very little sign of support from existing F1 teams or Domenicali, who is CEO of the sport’s commercial division.

If Andretti is accepted, it will result in the F1 prize pool being diluted to accommodate an 11th team, and some existing F1 teams are questioning whether Andretti will bring enough value to the sport to warrant a share of its earnings.

In an interview shortly after announcing his F1 bid, Andretti responded that the lukewarm response from rival teams was “to do with greed and self-care”.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Domenicali said it was “unwise” for Andretti to criticize other F1 teams.

“We are very pleased with everyone who contributes to racing,” said Domenicali. “I think we should respect everyone.

“There are teams like Mario and Michael Andretti who are very vocal about their desire to participate in Formula 1. But in my opinion [it is] it’s not smart to say teams are greedy.”

Domenicali said Andretti is not the only potential member starting the process of joining F1 as a new team in 2026.

“There are others, much less vocal, who would like to get into Formula 1, so there is a process that needs to be respected and together with the FIA ​​we will make sure that this process is respected.

“There are a lot of things to consider and we don’t need to overreact because someone is pushing the system.

“The process will be done seriously, rightly, someone screams, and someone does not scream.”


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