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Fall golf gift guide 2022: Pullovers, pants, headcovers and bags headline season’s best products

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The most inconspicuous season for outdoor golf is autumn, which is (mostly) already here. The days are still long enough to get in and the weather isn’t so sweltering that you want to call it after four holes. In terms of golf scenes, it’s about as nice and enjoyable as most parts of the country.

With that in mind, we have a few recommendations for you this fall that we have either tried or used over the past few weeks and months. Not all of this gear is meant to be played on the course, but it will almost certainly improve your golfing experience through the rest of 2022.

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Holderness & Bourne Sullivan pullover ($145 | Holderness and Born): The only pullover you need this fall. It is soft, light, warm and perfect for invigorating mornings and chilly evenings. Holderness & Bourne has been releasing some great stuff lately and this is one of the best products they currently make (full disclosure: I’m equipped by Holderness & Bourne).


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Lululemon commission golf pants ($150 | Lululemon): I really love these pants. They are both lightweight for some reason, but also well constructed. I love golfing in them, I love not golfing in them, and I will be wearing them almost every day this fall.



Linksoul Groover Hoodie ($75 | Linksoul): Lightweight sweatshirts are a must in the fall and Linksoul will do just fine. It’s stretchy and lightweight yet warm enough to wear when temperatures drop, whether you’re on the trail or not. I love this sweatshirt.



Primo Runners ($90 | Primo): I feel like a bit of an old man trying to convince the kids he still has it when I’m rocking runners on the track (or off the track, for that matter), but they’re definitely worth it. I’m a big fan of Primo products and they’re versatile enough to wear with a collared shirt when golfing or with a t-shirt when you’re not golfing.


TRUE Original 1.2 ($170 | TRUTH): There are many great golf shoes out there, but not all of them are socially acceptable to wear off the course like these are REAL shoes. They are light and comfortable, yet stable enough to last a full circle (or two). I also like that you don’t even have to change them when you’re done. I wear them almost everywhere, which is rare in the world of golf shoes.



Shapland Elate Stand Bag ($395 | Chapland): My new favorite golf bag in the world. It’s time to throw away my 10 year old bag and Shapland makes an absolutely incredible product. Every detail is thought out to the smallest detail, every detail is of the highest quality (leather straps, padded club holders and heavy metal buckles). I still use a push cart, but this bag made me want to just walk. That’s how light, strong and perfect it is.



Seamus Hats ($75 | let’s sit down): There is no better headwear product on the market. In these days, when it seems that the loudest in fashion, Sheamus products are sophisticated, first-class pearls. Their color schemes are excellent, the quality of their material is as good as golf, and – you may not know it – they have also expanded to footage accounting books as well as pouches for tees and ball markers, both of which are as beautifully made as their famous headgear.


let’s sit down

Goodre ($35 | Club house sale): Goodr sunglasses have become my favorite shades. I don’t usually wear sunglasses while playing, but with their non-slip features, you certainly could. I am very satisfied with Goodr product, brand and price.



Stove only ($240 | Oven only): It’s definitely not a golf-focused product, but it’s perfect for post-round beer and chatter. A few of my friends have Solo Stoves and love how they contain smoke (the worst part of any campfire party). As far as fall golf, I’m looking forward to returning home after those cold evening rounds.


Oven only

Bushnell ($600 | bushnell): There are many rangefinder products on the market these days, but Bushnell remains the leader in its class. Its price certainly reflects this, but I would argue that if you buy a quality rangefinder once, you will never need it again. On the Pro X3, the tilt adjustment button has been moved up and offers multiple colors that you can use to lock onto the target. I have never been disappointed with Bushnell products.




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