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Fantasy Baseball: Dansby Swanson’s breakout year is here

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Dozens of fantastic stories come to any game night. Here are some observations from my Thursday notebook:

Dansby Swanson puts it all together

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At the beginning Dansby Swanson career, he was supposed to be a superstar. And then he settled into the show, and it seems like the “good player” was more about his speed. There is nothing to be ashamed of. The Daredevils have always liked him.

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But it may not be too late for a superstar year.

Atlanta Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson (7) becomes fantasy star
Dansby Swanson is turning into a fantasy superstar at 28. (John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
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Swanson began the year buried in the Atlanta line-up and did little in April. But a month ago he was promoted to the first third of the order, and since then he has been in tears. Swanson had three homers in his last two games and look what he’s done in the last 28 games: .368/.433/.605, 26 runs, 7 homers, 20 RBIs, 5 steals.

At that time he was the second fantasy batter – only Jordan Alvarez beat him in this segment.

The Swanson Statcast page doesn’t look like Alvarez’s, but Swanson scores well on most metrics. His hit rate is in the 85th percentile. He is a quality runner, scoring 84 percent there. His strike rate of 26.5% is a little high, but at least good things happen when he makes contact. And Swanson has earned his decent odds – his .302 average is just nine points above the expected number, and his .500 is actually 70 points lower than the data suggests.

The Braves may have the tightest roster in the National League, at least while the Dodgers are dealing with an injured player. Mookie Betts. And I expect Swanson to be second in this busy group before the end of the summer.

Enjoy the ride.

Fly, Bertie, fly

This John Bertie it gets a little funny, doesn’t it?

But I’m here for every glorious moment. Bertie had two more hits, another streak and, most importantly, two more steals in Thursday’s win over Colorado.

June was the month that Bertie finally took on a full-time job. The Marlins don’t dare take him off the roster: he has a .309 batting average and a .378 OBP and is 17-for-17 in steals (although the Mets took him once). He scored 13 points, drove 10.

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Bertie has no homers in June and only two in a year. You will have to complete this column elsewhere. But we can definitely accept a rabbit if it’s going to be aggressive. Even with his profile profile, Bertie is the 9th most valuable 5v5 fantasy hitter in the last month. And he’s especially useful in the Sportzshala leagues, where he’s placed second, third, and out-of-bounds.

When an unexpected player shows up like this, it usually turns into a forced delay. I know that some managers imagine the idea of ​​high sales, but it can be hard to get your opponents to believe in these kinds of players. Regardless of. If you find that your team suddenly has an excess of steals, trade in another major source of steals on your team, a batsman who may be more attractive to a trading partner.

I give you permission to continue with this Bertie train. Here’s what I’m willing to do.

Johnny Cueto rolls forward

Johnny Cueto didn’t beat the Orioles and I think that’s a little disappointing. However, it’s hard to blame Johnny Baseball when his teammates don’t score a single run. And Cueto still gave us seven outs, just one walk. His seasonal odds were playable all year: 3.19 ERA, 1.15 WHIP.

I understand that his strikeout rate (7.5/9) is underwhelming, although this is partly offset by his excellent walking speed (2.25/9). He’s not an American League fireball, but he’s still on the good side of 90. His Peripheral-suggested ERAs are also reasonable, aside from his original number: Savant offers a 3.55 ERA while FIP puts out 3.63. amount.

I’m going to start Cueto until he gives me a good reason not to. It will be amusing to watch him compete in wit with Mike Trout as well as Shohei Otani next week.


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