Squeezing the last week out of a fantastic baseball championship is the top priority for managers right now, but attention will soon shift to planning in goalie and dynastic formats. While it’s always tricky, new MLB rule changes bring even more considerations to the fantasy table. What follows is a general overview of how to make a roster of goaltenders or dynasties, and then some ways to gain an edge over your league mates while reflecting on how the new rules could affect roster formation and draft strategy.

Before delving into the subject, it is important to distinguish between leagues of guardians and leagues of dynasties. There is no textbook definition, but Dynasty leagues are about saving your players all the time, while Keeper formats are characterized by frequent roster changes due to expiring or prohibitively expensive contracts. After the initial draft, most of the players available in the Dynasty format are prospects and minor veterans. Meanwhile, the goaltending league draft has it all, from established stars to young prospects. The aim of the Dynasty League is to create a squad capable of competing for multiple seasons, while the Goalie League has a shorter win window but the ability to retool much faster.

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The rating of players in each format is the same. The difference lies in the construction of the freeze list. One of the principles of the league freeze list of goaltenders is to prioritize shots over serve. In true Dynasty League, matching a pair of elite starting pitchers is paramount, and since they are not usually available through trades, the key is to select them as potential leads or identify under-the-radar hands on the verge of a breakout. Rolling players in custodian leagues often turn to position or categorical strategy, which could be affected by upcoming MLB rule changes.